Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Yoon Salon: 5 WFH Hairdo Ideas Ft. My Daughter

For those of you who have been working from home during this Covid-19 period, how are things going for you?

Unknowingly, it has been almost 6 months since I started working from home. It has been mostly good so far but some days can be rather overwhelming for me. Now that the girls are back to school, I find myself overly engrossed in work and take lesser breaks. In general, I feel as though I have been working non-stop, throughout the day and night. It has happened so many times and I always tend to end my day feeling drained with super messy locks! Furthermore, not needing to get out also means you don't need to dress up. On most days, I just had to remind myself to comb my tresses before jumping onto a zoom call.

To spark things up, I randomly asked Emma to help style myself. up. She jumped on the idea and was super excited! She happily took up my challenge to do up 5 working from home ‘dos like a master stylist without much help from me. She enjoys playing around with different styles. At times, she does a better job than me!

1. Pig Tails

She started off with my most favourite look and that's a pair of pig tails! This look, surely makes me appear a few years younger! Think it would look better with some curls!

2. Low Pony Tail

Next up, it's a low ponytail! I used to love high ponytails but I'm starting to love low ponytails a lot more these days! Just because they are much neater and classier!

3. Ballerina Bun

As a ballerina, Emmalyn always put on a bun. She learnt how to tie her own bun a couple of years back and is pretty good at tying them now. Do you know that there are more than 10 ways to tie a bun?

4. Braids

I tried very hard not to intervene with how she wants to style my locks. But too bad for this look, I had to interrupt her because her original idea was to tie 4 long braids around my head.

I'm proud to say that I've never really taught her how to braid. She learnt this skill by watching how her childcare teachers used to braid their students’ hair.

5. Braided Half-Tie

Then came her last styling idea. Instead of doing a normal half-tie, she added braids to it. Creative right! This is the front view and it looks so pleasant. She even suggested going for this look for my next zoom call with my colleagues.

Looks pretty fancy from the back view! Haha!

Bonus: Modified Pig tails

She didn't want to stop at 5 so we had the 6th! This is a modified version of the pigtail. She first used the end of the comb to select two small sections of my locks at both sides of my head. Then she slowly put a band around each section. Moving on, she divided my tresses into two huge equal sections and tied them up separately. She was so excited to call them the ‘modified pigtail’ style. I am thoroughly impressed with my daughter’s creativity.

Emmalyn certainly had fun being my stylist for the day! Bored of your daily ‘Work from Home’ look? Why not get your little ones to help you spruce things up? It's a fun mummy-daughter bonding activity! Last year, I let her do my make up for an outing and she was so thrilled! As a mother, I feel activities like these give me an opportunity to notice the talents of my kid. Moreover, their motor skills improve and they are well-occupied with something useful.

While I love my long tresses, I really think they need some trimming and perhaps a new colour soon. My last visit to a salon was in December last year. And after much procrastination, I've finally made an appointment with Yoon Salon for a pampering session coming week! Read on for their ongoing promotion!


Why Have I Chosen Yoon Salon?

YOON is an upcoming hair salon in town. Their team of stylists gleam with numerous years of experience in this industry. There is no technique that they are not aware of. They are highly equipped with the right skills to perfectly style a fresh new haircut or provide a satisfying treatment. YOON’s management ensures that the products used on clients are gentle and of high quality. I checked out their website and noted that all their treatments are right now going at a promotional rate of SGD 28. This deal is only available online and I found this incredible. Since the rate is affordable and I am in great need for hair therapy, I just knew that I should be giving this boutique a try.

I know that I definitely need a new coat of colour but I'm still contemplating whether I should also add in a perm or to change my look by trimming my hair short. Given that there are so many new modern hair colouring techniques today, I guess I'll just leave it in the good hands of YOON’s professional stylist to help me find the perfect look!

While looking through their website, I even saw a whole section full of articles that speak about hair care.

Do you want to know about hot and cold perms or about digital perming or about S-Curl rebonding? Fret not, all the information you need to clear your doubts is available on their website.


Looking for a pampering session or a change in your look? YOON is currently having a great promotion! You can try out 1 session of any of their services at only $28. Simply complete their online form on their website to redeem. You will be receiving a call from their Sales Department to book an appointment slot that’s convenient for you.

Yoon Salon Outlets

* This post is brought to you by YOON.

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Happy 7th Birthday, Emmalyn

Dear Emmalyn,

Happy blessed 7th birthday!

How did all the time fly so fast? It felt like we had just celebrated your graduation from your childcare last Nov with a concert. We love your performance and how you shine even though you are the smallest in size. We have seen how you've grown in personality and learning. But that was just the beginning of an even more exciting journey!

Entering primary school is such a great milestone and I thank God that you've been adapting well. You gained independence and courage with your new status. You had fun making friends, buying things and still quite chill about learning even though we had our fair share of struggle in keeping up.

It's unfortunate that Covid-19 happened and you didn't get to enjoy a more carefree 1st year. Instead of lots of running around the school, it's filled with home based learning, zoom lessons, safe distancing and masking. But thankfully, like many children, you are more resilient and flexible than we could ask for. I'm also glad we had some short trips to Batam and Malacca before all the lockdown.

We got to spend alot of time as a family during the Circuit Breaker and it's a blessing to be able to do so. You get to play more than you could under normal situation - Lego, TV, dolls and role play. We should really had studied more but I can't cope with working from home, Avalyn and housework. Instead, I decided to spend more time and effort on working on your heart.

I thank God that you have been a really good sister to Avalyn. Both of you do fight over toys and disturb each other, but there are alot more loving and sweet moments. You would come back from school telling me that you miss her. You enjoy spending time with her. You always drew pictures of her. You taught her many things like talking, drawing, playing, dressing up. And of course, some naughty things too. Avalyn loves you alot too and looks up to you as a role model.

Now that we are back to the regular routine in the new normal, it's time to pick things up. You started English writing at Write Edge and went back to physical lesson at Fun with Abacus.

You were supposed to take the RAD ballet exam in April but it was postponed till July. Since the examiners can't travel to Singapore, their dance was recorded for the examiners to grade. Glad that it went well and you came out of the exam happy with her performance! You are truly passionate about ballet and would like to continue learning.

As much as I would love to see you persist in drum, I know that you lack of that passion you had in ballet. I'm proud of how far you had came along and I believe the past 2 years of learning drum has surely helped to develop your interest in music. Your 2nd drum rectial last Dec was amazing! You also did a combined piece during the Covid-19 with the rest of the instructors and students of Aureus.

Because of Covid-19, we stopped swimming lessons and you only get to attend a few soccer classes. You miss swimming but we decided to take things slow. 


Meanwhile, let's continue to pray for Covid-19 to get out of our way! As we celebrate your 7th birthday, I want to give thanks to God for watching over you and our family for the past 7 years. There are always so much new experiences and incidents that we aren't always ready or equipped to handle them. And, I'm feeling the inadequacies and helplessness more and more year after year. I know I could only rely on God in this parenting journey. I pray for more wisdom and faith to parent both you and Avalyn. 

With love, 

Mummy & Daddy

Monday, July 13, 2020

Enjoying 8 Crabs at home!

After months of cooking and not dining out, I'm getting quite sick of my own cooking. When 8 crabs asked if I would like to try out their Sri Lankan premium wild crabs, I said yes! Hubby and I love crabs but we don't like the mess. So, eating crabs at the comfort of our home is perfect!

I ordered chili crab, black pepper crab, fried man tou and seafood horfun. They came hot and I even scorched my fingers a little while transferring them out.

The girls don't take seafood so they just eat the gravy horfun ($6) and the  fried mantou ($6 for 5 pieces). It was very tasty and is definitely very generous with their ingredients!

Hubby and I went straight for the crabs and the fried mantou! We started with chili crab ($68 for 750g) first and it was really good! The sauce is very full of flavour and is great with mantou. It indeed has a perfect blend between sweet, savoury, salty and spicy as claimed on their website. They were also all nicely cracked up and easy to eat.

Look at its meaty pincers!

I must say it's super fresh and finger licking good! To ensure freshness, these crabs are caught, flown, prepared and delivered to you within 12 hours! They also have a one driver to an order policy across their 12 kitchens island-wide so that we may uphold our promise of One Hour Crab Delivery.

The black pepper crab ($68 for 750g) are peppery and has a kick to it but I think that this the meat is can be a little more moist. The chili crab was more tender because it was simmered in the gravy.

A month ago, we also had crab from a zi char stall delivery and I could really taste the difference between both. Crabs from 8 Crabs are meatier, tastier, bigger, and less watery.

I learnt that most restaurants use farmed crabs because they are cheaper. Crabs are creatures that need space to move about and prefer to live alone. Being in a confined space in the crab farm actually caused the crabs to get stressed and produce ammonia. The ammonia smell of these farm crabs are thus cover up by strong gravies. We surely don't want so much of the ammonia.

Being the only company in Singapore using grade AAA premium Sri Lankan sourced wild crabs that are graded by the most experienced crab graders in the trade, their crabs are definitely value for money! Besides these dishes, they also have a wide variety of menu - seafood, meat, tofu, eggs & more! Go check them out on!

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

7 Things The Bible Says About Parenting

10 weeks of staying home to fight Covid-19 makes me slow down, think and reflect more. Even though I'm quite a thinker, I'm more of an Executor. I often find myself in a state of doing and not having enough time and energy to think. One month ago, I joined my girlfriend in her devotion plan and it has to be one of the best thing that had taken place during the Circuit Breaker. Together with 2 others, we are on our 4th plan and it has been amazing!

This coming 7 years of parenthood has been a joyful, meaningful and faithful journey. However, it comes with its set of challenges, worries and doubt. I see more weaknesses, limitations and fears in myself. Motherhood has became a huge part of my life and it is often draining. As I reflect more, it felt that I've been living one day after another with just enough faith and I always deplete it by the end of the day. I seek God but didn't seek enough to get excess faith to grow. Yes, I'm not that strong - without God's power and grace to pull me through, I won't be able to juggle everything like now.

I know it's time for me to seek more fervently and grow.

The devotion plans and sharing from/with my girlfriends have been so helpful that I wish that I can remember them better by writing them down in a post. Below, I summarised the "7 things the Bible says about Parenting" from YouVersion but I encourage you to go through the full devotion plan as I only capture my personal learning points. It also helps to take time to think and pray about them. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

15 moments of our Covid-19 Circuit Breaker

Everyone go through Circuit Breaker in different way - harder for some than others. The hardest would be those who risk their health and still doing their best to fight the Covid-19. There are also many frontliners who continue to work to ensure that our daily life goes smoothly. Thank you for all your contribution!

We are blessed to be able to stay home during this extraordinary period safely. We would have stayed home 24/7 for 10 weeks by the time the girls return to schools. Everyday is different. There are many good days but there are also bad days with more scolding and tears. There was even a day I declare a day off because I needed that break and space. Nonetheless, I'm most thankful for the extended time with the family. And so, here's 15 moments of our Circuit Breaker for us to look back next time!

15 moments of our Circuit Breaker

1. Chicken pox

Our circuit breaker started a week earlier because of Emmalyn's chicken pox. Thankfully, I was already able to work from home by then and didn't had to exhaust my vacation leaves. Several weeks went by and Avalyn decided to have spots around her body and arms. By then we were still in the midst of Circuit Breaker so we didn't know to consult any doctor. Avalyn was still cheery and did not have fever or much discomfort. Thus, we just follow the tradition - avoid chicken, eggs and dark sauce. She recovered in a week or so. All in all, I'm really thankful that both happened during this crazy time else I would need to take almost a month leave to keep them at home considering the incubation period. Apart from them, we are all strong and healthy! Thank God!

2. Cooking marathon

At the start of the year, I decided to carry on my "cook twice a week" resolution. I didn't dare to set a higher goal even though I did well last year. But guess, God has a greater plan. For the last 2 months, I've been cooking twice a day on most day. It's such a rare opportunity to be able to cook so much and I enjoyed cooking. However, there are also days where I just skip cooking as I'm just tired and overwhelmed with work & housework (I miss having part time cleaning help) .

I'm still not a master chef but definitely getting better at cooking a number of simple dishes. Besides learning how to cook better, I've learnt alot about planning, preparation and online grocery shopping during this cooking marathon. I had 3 kitchen accidents and even had 2 battle scars on my left arm. Thank God, the burn at my nose healed pretty well.

3. Work from home

Like many, working from home with children is a total new thing for me. I've done it when the girls were sick but those were just few days long. I'm thankful for an understanding boss who knows how challenging WFH can be with young children. Hubby takes alot of online meetings so I'm often the one handling the girls. Honestly, it's hard to work that same 8.5 full hours like normal. In addition to working in pockets of hours while entertaining to the needs of the children and family, I work at night after I put the girls to bed. It's more productive than me trying to complete my work in the day. Despite the exhaustion, I'm actually more thankful than everything else to be able to work in such arrangement without stressing myself too much.

4. Home-based learning

This is yet other new thing that we had to cope with. I enjoy teaching and learning with Emmalyn. However, it's a challenge because of work, Avalyn and cooking. Avalyn isn't someone who likes to sit at the dining table and do her work long. Thus, we can't do HBL without any distraction. Nonetheless, I'm glad that we managed to do majority of the school work with some rewards in terms of TV and candies. Thankfully, school holidays were brought forward by a month and we could take a break from HBL. During this Curcuit Breaker period, she's blessed to have online lessons with Aureus Academy for drum, Fun with Abacus, The Swimming Room for exercise, ballet and her Student Care to keep the days really enriching.

As for Avalyn, I'm thankful that she didn't have any proper HBL. Her school gave some suggested activities but I totally neglected them. Her HBL comes in the form of potty training, speech and drama, lego building and character building.

5. Lego and Play

We had a few small boxes of lego and a big container of duplos which had been put aside for a while until some 8 weeks ago. The girls play with them along with other toys like Sylvanian families, barbie dolls, soft toys, kitchen sets. They do role play and lots of random things together. I saw their interest and bought a small frozen lego set as a reward for them. Their uncle also bought one for them. We can't resist to get more sets for Avalyn's birthday. Their interest just kept growing and growing. They even picked lego making youtube clips for their TV time. During the last few weeks, they started to play lego for hours pretty much by themselves and it gave us more room for work. And lego would be the only toys they play. I love how lego activates their focus, creativity, problem solving skill, social skill and even speech. They role play and tell their own stories. They negotiate and fight for characters and bricks especially when they are hungry. Thankfully, they played well 80% of the time. I'm extremely thank God that they have each other accompany during this long stay home period.

And, I need to pen this joke by our little lego fan.

Me: Emmalyn, later you will be having character building class (by her student care)
Avalyn: Lego?
She thought her big sister was going to learn how to build more lego characters

6. TV and family show

We were the family who only watch TV on weekends but had to give more TV time than I like to during the Circuit Breaker. I didn't like the feeling of having to let the TV babysit them when we work and I really feel bad about it. But my dearest Hubby thinks that watching TV is childhood. That's kind of true too. Now, I kind of accept the fact that they get their daily dose 2-3 hours of TV over 2 stretch as a reward and break for them. I'm glad that their recent choice of shows are lego building youtube clips that teach that alot. Besides their regular TV time, we also catch shows together a family on the weekends! And, the girls are always very excited about it!

7. Crafting

We did a fair amount of painting, drawing and crafting during Circuit Breaker. I really enjoy crafting all sorts of things as it's so therapeutic. But, not enough! Wish we can do more!

8. Outdoor play

Thankfully, the girls aren't that super outdoor kind and are fine to stay at indoor the whole day. When they feel like they needed some breather, we will let them scoot around, play with water or just run around. Our highlight got water play at our inflatable pool as the girls miss the pool so much!

9. Music

I believe we are the most noisy unit on our floor as music makes us happy. Sorry neighbours! Hubby practises drum with Emmalyn every other day. He also practises drum himself and ukelele. He don't have any background but is surprisingly picking them up well. I'm glad that he's setting a good example for the girls and this motivates Emmalyn alot. Besides, it sometimes that I can't guide Emmalyn at all. Avalyn and I just sing and dance along!

10. Celebrations

We had celebration after celebration during this Circuit Breaker - my birthday, mother's day and Avalyn's birthday! These occasions certainly brightened our days and I'm thankful to still be able to celebrate in our own unique way. We had an out-of-the box celebration with a magic show with Mr Bottle over zoom.

11. Church and Quiet Time

I miss attending service and fellowship at church. It's really different from attending service and Sunday school online. So far, we only have service for the adults but we are starting online children sunday school this Sunday.

During this stay home period, we sang more worship songs together. We pray together as a family before bed as usual. I managed to go through a week of bible lessons with them before Good Friday. But, I couldn't continue with the HBL and work commitment. We eventually started on reading the children bible every night and also get to talk more about our faith.

Apart from helping the children to be stronger in their faith, I'm also more committed to have daily quiet time in the morning. I used to do my reading in the morning before work and on commute but during the initial stay home period, I often pushed it till late at night and sometimes skipped it. I decided that it's not unhealthy and grabbed a few sisters to try doing virtual quiet time for support.

12. Sweet Treats

I must say, the next thing I needed most apart from coffee is all the sweet treats. We definitely rewarded ourselves with more ice cream and cakes than usual. I avoided alot of unhealthy snacks as I'm worried that the girls will fall sick from them. But, I did use vitamins gummies, jellies and candies to bribe them from time to time. We all need that dose of sugars to keep us going!

13. Family & Friends

We are so blessed many gifts from family and friends. Thank you once again! Thanks to technology, I'm able to stay much connected with many of them. So happy to be able to catch up with some of them till late night. I really need to talk to people other than those at home and work. I'm really missing all the gatherings and meals together! Can't wait to meet them all!

14. Online shopping

I've never shopped so much online before! It's for necessities as well as sanity. We were determined to stay home throughout the period, so we get everything - food, groceries, kids stuff, random stuff all online.

15. Self care

We put the girls to bed before 8pm on most day so this gives us some peaceful moments after they go to bed. I always struggle to keep myself awake when I put them to bed until I started taking 2nd cup of coffee in the evening. With the extra hours at night, I took this opportunity to step up on skin care and watch netflix while washing dishes! I also recently started exercising. It took my knees 3 long months to recover from pain and I'm glad that the pain is finally gone! I'm taking baby steps and just doing 7 mins workout everyday. My back hurts so much from working at the dining table and it helps to be able to exercise! It's easy to neglect myself and be consume by mummies' duties. I'm still learning that balance and there are so much for me to work on.


No doubt, it has been tiring; sometimes frustrating and stressful. But, I'm so thankful for more time to learn, laugh, play and stay safe together as a family. As a working mother, it is what I dream for and I cherish this period. I'm thankful that the sisters have each other to accompany each other despite the daily squabbles. I thank God for his protection and helping our family to pull through every day. I'm thankful that Hubby and I have been supporting each other well during this period.

We are now at post Circuit Breaker Phase 1 and the girls will be returning to school next week. But, it still looks like there is still a long way to go. Let's choose LOVE, choose JOY, choose PEACE and choose HOPE! Let's do our part and continue to pray hard that this Covid-19 outbreak will be over soon! 💪🏻

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Happy 3rd Birthday, Avalyn!

Avalyn turned 3 years old!

Dear Avalyn

Another year just fly by so quickly! Unknowingly, we spent almost one third of your 2nd year trying our very best to stay safe from Covid-19. Hence, we didn't really have as much outdoor fun or activities as we wish. But, I'm thankful to be able to spend so much more time together together at home.

Nonetheless, you get to visit Malacca and Batam when you were ~2.5 years old. We also had a staycation during Christmas. You joined us for our 10th wedding anniversary celebration! Even though you were not even 3 years old then, you seems to understand the idea of "marry" and "husband and wife". I think it's also because you've watched more shows and cartoons. You also had your first theatre experience with Aladdin.

With the wider exposure (more cartoons!), your thinking is definitely more mature than when your sister was at your age. You are learning to make observations and interpretation. You understand that there is virus out there and make no qualms about staying home. Instead, you asked why are people going out as you watched from kour balcony.

Over the last year, you have picked up countless words and often surprised us with big new words like transform, allergic. You are talking in long sentences. Daddy, me and jie jie often caught ourselves laughing at you because you kept talking non-stop. You can describe what things to us clearly and most of the time, you could explain yourself and relate things very well. Recently, you started singing alot more and we sometimes find you singing at the corner by yourself. Emmalyn often justifies that you learnt from her and that's why she is talking so well. She even complained "It's not fair, you all didn't talk so much to me." And true enough, Emmalyn should take most of the credits in teaching you.

You didn't just learn how to talk and think from her, she also learnt how to play from her. You love to do what she do! You almost skipped all the baby toys and hit straight to the big girls toys like barbie dolls, sylvanian rabbits, duplos and now legos. She's super into pretend play - always ready to pick up a toy and get into the role. Besides all the good stuff, you also picked up much of the cheeky and naughty stuff.

You also enjoy water play, play dough, painting and books! During this stay home period, you have learnt to play so much. You love a playmate and your sister is always your go to! Both of you play very well together but also fight "when the time is up.

I had planned to let you try some classes earlier this year but things got held back due to Covid-19. 什么都是好的。We get to spend more time together and able to discipline/explain things to you. During this stay home period, you get cranky especially in the afternoon as you skip nap. It's hard to get you to nap so most of the time, we just let you skip it and end the night earlier.

You are very expressive and wear your emotions on your sleeves. You always give your sweetest smile. You have a very loud voice. You laugh your heart our alot and are easily tickled but also cry super loud. You are humorous and like to do funny things then laugh at yourself. But when you are cranky, you can be quite a handful and often need extra coaxing. Nonetheless, I think we need to be more firm to you so that you won't keep testing your boundaries. I don't blame it on you because as a 2nd child, you inevitably get slightly lesser attention from us. Sometimes, it's because we are busy. Other time, we leave you with your big sister because both of you are having so much fun together. Regardless, you are certainly not less loved. As your big sister says, "it's not fair, mei mei has 3 people to love and play with her. But I only have 2. I want you to know that we all love you alot. Your sister love more than we can imagine and is very patient towards you most of the time. She loves to hug you and is always there to comfort you when you cry.

At 3 years old, you have gained good control over your body. You could climb stairs, skip, stand one leg, spin and throw yourself onto the sofa. You've also been running around alot. This stay home period, we also see you dance around like a ballerina! You control your hands well and could even attempt to drum like a pro. Few months back, you drew your first drawing of a dog! You also use scissors pretty well now!

You eat fairly well and a wide variety of food and fruits. You could feed yourself but have been getting fussy during this stay home period. You still take your milk 3 times a day. Count yourself lucky, you started eating vitamin gummies after you turn 2 years old and gummies sweet recently.

It took us a while to move both you and your big sister back to your own room. After about 1.5 years, we finally successfully move both of you to sleep in your own room. Both of you still need us to accompany but you definitely sleep better than you nap!

Of all, we are most thankful that you've been a strong and healthy toddler. Apart from one case of Hfmd and "chicken pox", from your sister, you are generally well. We can't determine if you really had chicken pox because we didn't get you checked. Your big sister seen a doctor virtually and was told that she had chicken pox about 3 weeks before you started to have spots. She had a mild one. You had more spots than her but your Daddy didn't think it was chicken pox. Thankfully, we are already staying home so it didn't cause much trouble other than to avoid chicken, eggs and dark sauce. I'm glad that you are cleared now. You are more aware of your potty businesses and attempted to do them in the potty a number of times. You could even take out your own diapers and pants. We haven't been training you as things have been rather overwhelming. I believe you will be off diapers once you are ready!

What a year! We are thankful for everything and thank God for watching after you and our family. Being a mother to a toddler the 2nd time means more experience and patience, but there are still more to learn because you pose new challenges with your wits. Sometimes, we think that you fuss too much because you know what you want and are very persistent. Though more experience, it's actually harder because we now have 2 of you to nurture and so more things to juggle. I'm still learning and will continue to pray that I would have more wisdom to upbring you and your big sister!

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Emmalyn's Fun with Abacus 1-Year Progress Update

I panicked a little as I flipped through Emma's math activity books before the start of her primary school. The school asked us to tear the perforated workbook according to units, staple and name them. There is algebra and statistics in a simpler form! I don't remember learning them so I wondered if Emma could catch up as she doesn't have any other mathematics enrichment apart from Abacus at Fun with Abacus.

Emma started learning abacus in February and it has been a year since she's on it. Over the year, she learnt about number bonds (P1 must know!), using abacus to do sums of ones and tens, started on hundreds and also anzan. She can count some sums of ones and tens using an imaginary abacus. 

Anzan, also known as 暗算, is the japanese way of calling mental calculation. Mental calculation or mental arithmetic just uses brain without any help from devices like abacus and calculator. Children who are well trained could work out the sums at super speed. While I don't need her to be able to do that, it would be a bonus if she could calculate faster.

During the class, it's alot about doing the sums - practice makes perfect. It requires alot of concentration and discipline. It was challenging for Emma as she's a rather active girl who can't really sit still. But, we did see improvements in her attention span. And the teachers are also extremely patient to keep guiding her. 

The children will be given a few pages of homework to practise and re-enforce their concepts. There are times she did really well when she wants to but also times that require some more encouragements.

Even though she's can be quite careless at her counting, I can see that still very comfortable with numbers. From her Primary School mathematics activity book, I can see that she's coping well with the sums so far. And, I must credit to Fun with Abacus for building a foundation in mathematics for her. There are still so much for her to pick up and I hope she will continue to love numbers & mathematics. 

If you would like to train up your children mental capacity, go check out their trial or the March Holiday programme. You can choose to attend 3 sessions at any time slots during the month of March at $90. Quote  "Ashlynthiablog" for a $20 off! The programme is opened to children between 4 to 10 years old. Check out the timings here

Through this programme, your children will:
1) Get to know the structure of the Abacus.
2) Know the place value of Ones and Tens on the Abacus
3) Learn to do addition using an Abacus

You can also go for a complimentary trial lesson when you quote "Ashlynthiablog". 

Call or whatapps them at 97865383 or email them at course@funwithabacus for more details!

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