Friday, September 14, 2012

Imported !

I'm so happy!!!

Have managed to import all the multiply posts over here :)
However, all my photos albums & videos have became blog posts. Hence, will need some time to sort them out.

For now, I have published a series of posts on "home-in-process" that I've blogged last year.

Am totally love with my home (& my hubby) ! I'm thankful to have a house that meets our every needs. It has been slightly more than a year since we have moved in. Certainly, things aren't as perfect as a year ago but I think I'm doing a good job to maintain them. :p


I'm extremely happy when I resolved the mould issue at my kitchen basin. The moulds on the silicon that sealed up the gaps between the basin and wall tiles had troubled me for the longest time. After a couple of failed casual attempts to remove them, I finally turned to google and found a solution to remove the ugly moulds. hehe. I'm not sure if it work for all cases, but I guess it worth a try. Just place a piece of kitchen towel (tissue), pour bleach on it and leave it there overnight. The black moulds diminished to white spots of much smaller size. It definitely looks so much better now !!

I'm also picking up cooking slowly and trying to cook at least once a week. :) Whipping up own dishes is much healthier, satisfying and fun. I'm still not too good at it, but am fortunate to have a hubby that eats whatever I cook even though it doesn't taste as good as it looks. :P

And a beautiful prayer to end off,
God chose this very house for us, to be our special home.
A place that we can fill with love and call our very own.
This house will hold our memories, our laughters and our tears, and it will be a place that's safe, to talk about our fears.
And so we pray that God will make it house into a home and we will give our praise to Him,
To Him, our cornerstone.

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