Saturday, January 5, 2013

Awesome Moments of 2012

2012 is an awesome year and it zoomed by pretty fast.


Early 2012, True Grace Church had a dinner to mark the 25th.

I started attending True Grace Church since in late 2000 and it has been 12 years. I am thankful to be able to settle down in a church where I can have good fellowship and grow. I pray that TGC will grow stronger and bring more people to the Lord.

The beginning of the year is a pretty awesome one for my dearest girlfriend and hubby. We witnessed a very sweet proposal of theirs. Congratulations to Dawn and Xuwen for their wedding in Dec!

Chinese new year was different from the previous as it is the first new year without our grandfather. Both Hubby and I lost our grandfathers in 2011 and cny just seems to be different from before. Nevertheless, I am still very thankful for all my family members around us.


We had our 2nd wedding anniversary back at Fullerton Hotel again. This time around, we requested for the lighthouse sky roof. It has great ambience and nice view. We even had the laser show at MBS for the night.

Valentine Day was just about a week after our anniversary; we decided to go for a simple lunch out at our friend’s café. The food is nice and cooked with love.

Semester out and in, school started in early Feb and through till late May


I helped out with the school with their annual report and had a quick photoshoot over lunchtime. Glad to represent the school of business.

I also have the honor to help out with the official opening of annex building that is graced by President Tony Tan.

My role for the day was to open the door for him with his entourage. I also had the opportunity to have a short chat with him.

And with the school president, Prof Cheong.


I had a simple birthday celebration with Hubby after signing appointment letter for my then new job. I am thankful for Lord’s guidance over the years and I am looking forward to another 25 years & more!

I also had another opportunity to work with Kimage again for their newsletter. This time is a red head.


As usual, April and May seems to be more stressful than normal as they are my revision and exams period.

Things progressed fast and I left NUH for my new job in end May.

We welcomed my cousin’s baby boy arrival and we are all very thankful for this bundle of joy. He is indeed a lovely miracle.


I started to settle down into my new job and got to know many colleagues. It’s a cluster almost triple the size of my previous department. It has been a smooth transition as I had a month before I start my school again.

Jul - Nov

We witnessed another proposal again! It is blissful sight where the boyfriend romantically played a lovely piece for my girlfriend. :D Looking forward to Wai Kei & Xue Mei’s wedding!

Amidst school term, I participated in a dialogue with PM Lee together with some of the UNISIM students and alumni. It happened before the National Day Rally and I supposed PM Lee had a good insight from the students.

A group photo taken from PM Lee's facebook.


Brother had his block leave and he can finally get out of Singapore. We went on a family trip to Hong Kong!


Unlike 2011 countries hopping birthday celebration, this year birthday celebration for Hubby is a simple one. We went for breakfast @ Riders’ Café, massage and shopping for his new spectacles.

I spent Oct and Nov mugging and had quite tough time on a particular module. Thankfully, all went really well!


Shortly after exams, we held Dawn’s Hen party. It’s an exciting one and we are all glad that she enjoyed it!

We then headed to Pulai Spring @ JB for church retreat. We spent 4 days over at JB and had hours-long fellowship. Such church retreat is really good time to build up better relationship and bond 

Sometime late Oct, we decided to have a dog and adopted Milo, a Jack Russell, but after being with him for a month we decided to give him up to a more suitable adopter. We eventually bought a female Japanese Spitz and she has a totally different personality. I believe she is certainly a more suitable match for us.

Sister-in-law gave birth to a baby girl  She is very smiley when we met her.

The kids had a mini christmas celebration to mark the true meaning behind this special day!

Had Christmas gatherings with my close pals and both happened to be really fascinating! We had awesome presents and BBQ foodies.

I am also glad that both my parents and Thomas’ dad attended (different) Christmas services at church. I’m praying hard that the 3 of them would open up their heart to accept Jesus into their life. It gonna take time, but we won’t give up.

The highlight of Dec is Xu Wen and Dawn’s wedding. I'm so happy for this loving couple!!

The year ended with a simple countdown at Churchmate, Jiajun’s new nest! 

I am thankful for everything that had happened in 2012, all ups and downs, for these are all that make me stronger and more faithful. I pray that I will continue to walk this journey of faith well. I also pray for boundless blessings and guidance to walk us through the year!

2012 has ended well and we totally welcome 2013  Like always, it’s going to be a pretty challenging and exciting year ahead!!

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