Monday, October 27, 2014

Emma's toddlerhood #2

Days with a walking toddler is so much different from a crawling bub! I don't understand why it is exhausting even if it is just watching her. Emma realised and gained the ability to go places she likes and do things that she wants to. She has a little mind of her own and I am starting to fear the arrival of the day when I could no longer discipline her.

Statistics: At 14 months old, Emma is weighing 8.5kg. After a month of increased appetite and introduction of formula milk, she managed to catch up a little with a 0.5kg gain. We aren't tracking her height but she is definitely taller. Few days back, she was happily tipping her toes to reach for the dining table top as she wanted to place her bottle on the table and she did it!

Health: Thank God for a month of good health. Emma was generally well with a quick episode of fever just before she turned 14 months. Fever recovered within a day and we are suspecting that new tooth should be sprouting soon.

She had a gentle knock on her lip twice. It bled a little but recovered the next day.

She still loves her thumb very much. She runs away when we or her school teachers/mate try to pull out her thumb. It's obvious that she know she can't suck as she would say no no when we pull out her thumb. She would also pull it out herself before we even touch her hand. She grabbed every opportunity to suck like when she was alone at the back of the car in her car seat. She just can't resist it.

Diet: Great news! After a good 2 months, Emma is finally taking 3 formula milk feeds now. 200ml for the 7am and 8.30pm feed & 150ml for 5+pm feed. However, she seems to lower her intake recently. Anyway, we have another 1 to go!

Emma started on Friso 30ml fm (with additional of 30ml the following day) right after she turned 1 year old and it happened to be a few days before the dreaded mmr/ pneumococcal jabs. She vomited a couple of times after the jabs and we didn't know if it is because of the fm or jabs. Hence, we stopped on her 4th day of fm when she took 120ml.

We took a break for a while as she was hospitalised and on antibiotics. Gave Friso another try after she completed the course and this round, there was hives like bumps on her body that comes and go. It could be from the fm or the antibiotics. So, we stopped once again.

I requested for other fm sample and enfagrow came to mail. Thus, we tried again 30ml for 3 days and increased the amount gradually. She managed to finish up 3 sachets in 10 days without any reaction (oh yay!). We just continued with new tin and slowly replace her feed. She is on her 2nd tin (big one this round) and hopefully she could grow well with it.

We started to follow the school routine and give her breakfast and snack during weekends. She is still mainly on porridge but I have also introduced her to bao (steamed bun) skin, plain bread, white rice and biscuits. She loves them. I also used white anchovies for the porridge. Tried grape but she doesnt like it. Overall, I am happy that she is eating well although I hope that she could gain a little more weight.

Sleep: We moved her bedtime to 9pm as she doesn't seems to be able to fall asleep earlier. She still needs to be accompanied to sleep. She still reject sleep and naps some days. On some good days, she would fall asleep within short 10mins but she usually takes around 30mins. I would lie with her and often than not doze off together. Hubby would then wake me up so that I could continue with some chores. She sleep through on some days but tends to wake up once or twice these days and we will pat her back to sleep.

Social/Outing: We had a gathering with the mummies and Emma's friend at Cool de Sac indoor playground. Its great to see all bubs growing up together!

More shopping trips these days. We went places like sembawang shopping centre, city square mall, jem, leisure park. Weekends are with parents, parents in law and church. We also had a great day with my girl friends. Hope we could fit in more such gatherings.


She just get more and more active. She loves to walk and walks non stop around the house to explore every corners. She tip toes, climbs, steps and sit on objects like boxes and diapers pack. She started to walk backwards and sideway. She also dances and sways to music! She could walk up our kitchen step with support. She now stands when bathing, what a big girl! She also enjoys bubbles bath.

We got her hard sole shoes for her to walk around when we are outside. She loves walking around and checking out places like electronic stores.

She opens and closes her water (milk) bottle, holds on her bottle with 1 hand to drink by herself. It's a funny scene when she walks towards the playmat and lies down to get ready for milk.

She loves books and plays with toys with music and sounds but she still love non toy stuff like paper bag or small container. She can be entertained much longer when she play these items that are not meant for her.

She is really lovely. She kisses and cuddles. At times, she even give us a pat at our backs when she hugs us. She reaches out her hands to ask us to carry her.

Her vocabulary is expanding! She knows how to say:

Papa, Mama, Amen, Nana (for banana), Dog, Wou wou, Bear bear, Duck, Scout, Bye bye, Oh no, Hi five, Yay, No no, Bird, baby, walk, red indian style ooooo, up, Down, 站, 坐, 走

She also signs more:

No no, No more, Bird flying, Bye bye, hi five, wash hand, hello, Nod, Pray, friend's kiss, peekaboo, up, Down

She seems to understand and wanting to communicate with us. Besides,  she has learnt the power of crying. She wasn't a crying baby before she turned 1 year old but she started to lately, sometimes really loud. She would even sit down and face down to cry. What a drama queen. We usually ask her to stop and then distract her.

Others: We accepted the challenge and will be going on our first family holiday to Gold Coast in Nov. We finally made passport for Emma and trying to get ready for the trip! How exciting and scary!

Mummy's update: oh yay, managed to squeeze in a hair treatment during my off day this month. I really miss those days when I could go for pampering sessions without worries. Oh well, quarterly is better than none.

I managed to drop from 4 pump sessions to 3 before she turned 14 months. 2 weeks after a bad case of fever, I am down to 2 pumps per day. Can't wait to stop it all before our trip. If not, I will need to bring the pump along.

Had a joyous graduation ceremony and something great is happening! I've resigned and will be moving on to a new job in mid nov ;) so much more to share and i am leaving it to another post.

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