Friday, March 20, 2015

5 Nutritious and Easy Soups for Toddlers

Our little princess can be a little fussy eater at times and certainly a tough nut when she goes on food strike. Thus, I was over the moon when she slurped down half a bowl of soup at one go after rejecting plain rice with steamed dishes for the previous few meals. 

She is definitely a soup lover like me! She could easily finish up one full small bowl of soup after her main course like noodles, pasta or omelette. Oh yes, she drinks directly from the bowl as it's more satisfying!

Here's our 5 favourite soups - all tried and tested by Emma!

I'm also sharing how I prepare these soups in 10 simple steps at the end this post. I use small pieces of lean meat and it would taste even better if you use those bone meats. You can replace pork with chicken and fish (for the last 2) for a different taste.

1. Corn, Carrot, Potato Pork Soup (aka ABC soup)

It's our all time favourite and Emma loves the corn!! She enjoys biting it off the cob and I get extra time to enjoy my meals. You can add in onion for additional sweetness and vitamins.

2. Lotus root, Carrot and Pork Soup

Lotus root is packed with important minerals like iron, fiber, vitamin B and vitamin C. It has plenty health benefits: improves immune function, aids digestion, helps in consipation and boosts energy level. 

3. Apple, Red Dates and Pork Soup

Enough said about apples. This is definitely a sweet and nourishing treat!

4. Cabbage and Carrot Pork Soup

Cabbage is rich in vitamin A and C. This is a comforting soup but do note that cabbage is usually known to be cooling. It also goes well with fish balls! 

5. White Anchovies Soup 

White anchovies make good and quick soup base. It doesn't need long brewing and goes well with almost everything. I use it as a soup base for noodles (mee tai mak). Please remember to give it a good rinse to wash away some salt.

It's widely known that drinking healthy soups is beneficial as it is rich in vitamins and minerals. It has low calories, helps to restore the necessary water balance, aids in digestions and spices up appetite. 

Unlike other dishes, soup probably is the most forgiving one as it still tastes good even if the amount of ingredients go a little off. So, I usually do it without standard recipes and use the following 10 simple steps. By the way, I skipped the salt as it's already tasty enough! I usually brew it in the morning before work and heat it up when I got back from work.

10 simple steps to brew yummy soups:

1. Grab a a few of each items
2. Wash
3. Peel/Chop
4. Blanch the meat
5. Throw everything in a pot of water
6. Boil for 5 mins on high heat
7. Simmer for 30-40 mins on low heat
8. Heat up the thermal flask by adding boiled water 
9. Store it in the thermal flask 
(for working days, read more tips about using thermal flask here)
10. Pour on bowl and serve at meal time

Don't be taken back by the amount of work, it's really easy! Give these nutritious and yummy soups a try soon! I hope your little ones would love these soups as much as us :)

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