Sunday, March 1, 2015

Emmalyn X Michael Kors - # Falling in love with bags!

I know I know, the title sounds so misleading! I'm dreaming a little too much! Haha.

We were rushing for our flight to Bali but Emma was so attracted by the colourful bags at the display and decided to strike a few poses!

She really loves bags! It's a routine these days, she would look for her "handbag" before we leave home and happily carry it out. There was once we left her "handbag" in the car. Guess what? She went to dig out another bag before leaving home. 

Does she look like she was running a fever up to 38.8 the late night before? 

We almost had to cancel our trip.

She was suspected of HFMD on Tues afternoon as she was running fever and having some rashes at her butt. Besides, two of her classmates got it. We sent her to PD on that evening and was told to monitor as she doesn't have any ulcers in her mouth, hand and foot.

We were in great dilemma whether to proceed with our Bali trip. It seems like she wasn't having HFMD but what if she is? With mixed feelings, we prayed and left it to God's hand. We finally decided on "going if her fever goes off" and "stay if fever still on". 

Fever persisted the whole of Wed with no new rash and she was feeling quite alright. However, her fever shot up high to 38.8 middle of the night and we gave her another dose of paracetamol. She went back to sleep, fought hard and woke up on Thurs morning without any fever!

We then asked her if she wants to go Bali and she gave us firm nods! How sweet of her to agree to our trip! 

Praise the Lord! We all get to go for our 5th year wedding anniversary holiday!!! :)

It turns out that her canines were behind all these drama! She now has 14 tiny but strong teeth! 

Anyway, back to topic. It looks like this girl might have some hidden talent for modeling!

Ok, mummy is still dreaming...

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