Tuesday, March 31, 2015

#FrisoMoment - Friso Experience More Together!

Hi Gorgeous Aunties and Dashing Uncles,

My name is Emmalyn and I've just turned 19 months old. I love to explore the world - walk, watch and find out how things go by! It's my first blog post here and I hope you'd enjoy this little story of mine!! As part of the Friso Experience More Together Campaign, Mummy asked me to share about one outdoor activity that I love to do together with Daddy and Mummy. Do you like to make a guess? 

I love to do "workout" with them - I love to hold on them tight as we strolled down the garden, hit the playground slides and dance along with the music. 

Today, I'm sharing about our first family jumping lesson at Bali last month.

Daddy was trying to catch some nice jumping shots of Mummy against the breathtaking view and Mummy just kept jumping. I lost counts of the times she jumped for this shot (since I only know how to count to 10) and she still think it's not pretty enough. I believe she would continue to jump if Daddy didn't stop her.

I watched by the side and squealed with delight at each jump! Mummy jumped in many different ways. It seems so fun! I couldn't contain my excitement. So, I tried to lift up my hands and moved my body but my feet are still glued to the ground. I kept trying but just ended up spinning on the greens.

Mummy sensed my interest and decided to teach me how to jump. 

Then she went, "ready, 1.... 



Oh!! Up she went! :D
But why was I still on the ground?

Look like I'm needing more jumping lessons! I really can't wait to start jumping soon! It would be perfect if we could take a family jumping shot some day!

I love how spontaneous and fun-loving Mummy is even though Daddy is definitely a better jumper!

Mummy said special moment doesn't always need to be elaborate and far reached. It matters who you are with and how we make even the simplest thing an exciting and meaningful experience. We just need to grab every possible opportunity to create more memories and live out every moment!

Thus, she treasures our first family jumping lesson that we had over at Bali. Our hearts can't help but to beam with great joy as we jumped and immersed in the serenity and beauty of the little paradise.

So, I welcome you to participate in Frisco Experience More Together Campaign! It celebrates and encourages the special moments that parents shared with their children. Just submit a photo of your own experience and win instant rewards. Besides, you will also stand chance to win attractive weekly and grand prizes.

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Thank you for reading and accompanying me through my monthly growing-up journal. Mummy and I look forward to your lovely photos and experiences!

With love,


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