Monday, June 1, 2015

Joy ride on Sentosa's new cable car !

Yay to long weekends!

With great thanks to Dale and Mount Faber Leisure Group, our family had the special privilege to ride on Sentosa's new cable cars.

It's a totally new, relaxing and refreshing experience for all of us!

Starting from June 2015, you will be able to ride into and around Sentosa on the Singapore Cable Cars. The Mount Faber and new Sentosa Line span across over 20 attractions including Resort World Sentosa, Madame Tussauds, Sentosa Merlion and Siloso Beach.

We hopped on the cable car from Harbour Front and stopped by Siloso Beach for some fun shots and stroll. 

Come join us on our joy ride while we share our visual treat with you.

It was the end of the superhero theme and we are glad to get on the green lantern cable car!

The drama uncle Dale!

Our parents insisted that they have brought us on the cable car when we were young but both of us have zero memory. I'm sure Emma would tell me the same too! But fret not, we have photos as evidence! haha.

Emma was a little apprehensive to look out at first but she was in awe after she overcame her fear. 

Up on the cable car, we enjoyed a 360 degree view of the harbour front sky line.


Like a proud Singaporean, I had fun spotting all the various landmarks in Sentosa.

Off the Mount Faber line, we stepped our feet on the new cable car at the Imbiah Lookout Station and headed to the Siloso Beach Station.

The new cable cars are all bright and cheerful.

Love this route on the new Sentosa line where we had a birdeye view of Siloso Beach!

We also witnessed some brave guys up on the megazip but they just screamed all the way. Yes, we heard them loud and clear!

We can't resist but to head over to the Siloso beach to enjoy some sea breeze!

Half way through our stroll, Emma saw a ball and dashed to pick it up.

"Ehmm, is it yours?"

"Come, let me help to pass to you!"

  Oh well, she was just imagining things, there were no handsome hunks other than the 3 men in our family. Hahah. 

After a short walk, we went back on a red/orange cable car. As you can see from the photo, it is pretty well ventilated. 

We immersed in the last bits of the serene and enchanting scenery!

As we hit the end of our joy ride, Emma was sad to bid goodbye. 

Hope you've enjoyed the beautiful view from the cable cars!

Don't miss out the new experience the next time you head over to the sunny island. The new cable car line should be up running really soon and it's just $9/$5.50 for adult/child under 3-12 years old (local rate) to ride on the Sentosa line. It's definitely much more affordable as compared to the Mount Faber line. 

Check out Sentosa's and Mount Faber Leisure Group's website for more details! 

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  1. Thank you for linking up on Family Fun Friday. My 4 year old has been bugging me to take him on the cable car for the longest time ever! But oh well... I'm still procrastinating...

    1. You can try the Sentosa line! It's cheaper than the main line. Think he will like it!