Sunday, August 30, 2015

Emma's Toddlerhood #12

When Emma turned 2 years old, I wrote her a long letter. It has been over 2 weeks and she has grown so much since then. However, I thought I should just finish up her 24th monthly update! 

It's amazing how fast she is learning and talking these days. Last night, she surprised me once again by saying " I want raisins" when she saw a box of raisin with her cousin. I didn't teach her how to say "raisins" and she just picked the word up from our daily conversation. 

She was so excited when she spotted the zoomoov animals that she dashed for it (too fast till she fell down). As if that wasn't enough, she then climbed up the Zoomoov ride all by herself.

Statistics: At 2 years old, Emma weighed 10kg. However, she had since gained another 0.2kg in just 2 weeks. Grow baby grow!

Health: Emma had fever for a few days and she went as high as 39.3 degree celsius on the 2nd night before the fever broke by the 3rd day morning. There were also a few bites and small bruises around her body. Too much running about these days!

Diet: Emma is still eating the same but is crazy over papaya. She also likes to steal ice cream from us.

Sleep: We are thankful for this pretty good sleeper! However, Emma sometimes likes to fight her naptime and stay up to play on weekends. 

Social Outings: The highlight of the month got to be our family trip to Bintan. Emma had her first trip with her Grandpa and Grandma. Over there, she had another beach experience and this time took quite some time to get use to the sands. I guess she needs to hit the beach more often!

On her actual birthday, we had a simple dinner with her other set of grandparents. They bought her balloon and she was so happy hitting us. She likes to hear us "ouch~!", what a "sadist girl".

We had wanted to celebrate her birthday at Port of Lost Wonder when her baby friends in advance but skipped it as she was sick. It looks like a really fun place, hope to visit soon.


Emma started serious talking much earlier than we'd expected. She also loves to sing and many times we would hear her singing to herself. Her favourite short phrases were "what is this?", "I don't know", "I want this", "XX, where?". 

Her understanding of things also improved greatly. She learnt to express her needs and wants in words. There are still many moments when she would cry for things and we tried to teach her how to word them. I would usually ask her to repeat them words by words after me. Unfortunately, this little girl gets pretty fierce when she can't get her stuff these days. She bit her classmates during toys fight. So, there are still lots to work on and discipline. 

One fine day, she climbed up the dining chair when we were busy in the kitchen and gave us a shock. She is getting more confident and stronger in her climbs. She also often jumps with joy and sways along with the songs.

She was playing with Uncle Dale and suddenly lifted up his iphone for a welfie. Looks like my phototaking training is working well. Her most played soft toys would be her hello kitty. She could spend up to 20 mins to match, sort and line up her hello kitty. These hello kitty also take turn to pray with us before her bedtime.

Mummy's update: It has been busier at work since end of July and I'm usually quite drained out at the end of the day. I pray for more wisdom and strength each day so that I could enjoy more family time  while juggling other commitments. 

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