Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Emmalyn's 2nd Birthday Part I: Little House of Dreams

Emmalyn's turning 2 in a few more days! 

She's no longer the "expression-less" baby and can be quite drama at times.

To celebrate her 2nd birthday, we went on a relaxing trip to Bintan Clubmed over the long weekends. Unlike her first birthday, we didn't organise any big party this year but decided to spend her birthday with the families and some of her childhood friends.

2 weeks ago, she was supposed to celebrate her birthday with 9 other friends that turned/turning 2. Unfortunately, she was down with high fever 2 days before the mini party. Her temperature shot up to 39.3 degree c just the night before and recovered on the actual day. Thus, we reluctantly skipped the party and kept her at home as she surely won't be able to enjoy herself out there.

It was a great pity to miss this party as I organised it so that Emma could have some fun with her friends at the Port of Lost Wonder at Sentosa. Nevertheless, the party still had to go on and these pretty bakes shouldn't go to waste. I got my mummy friend over to pick up the beautiful customised cupcakes from Little House of Dreams. At least, they had such a great time!

How I wish we could have these at Bintan too!!

I asked for some gender neutral beach decorations and am loving what Little House of Dreams have came up with! The cutesy crabs and surfboards are my favourite!

The cupcakes went into the fridge while these cute little things stayed outside. They are fondants and can't be kept in the fridge. It's best kept in a air-conditioned room. Otherwise, they will melt. 

I picked the all time favourites -  chocolate and vanilla flavoured cupcakes. They tasted as good as they looked - moist and yummy! 

I can't resist but to steal one for Emma (me)! We sang a birthday song for her and she blew the candle. Obviously, our sick baby was more interested in the cupcake than taking photos. Then, she cried out loud when she realised that she couldn't eat the cupcake as she wasn't well. Yes, that's my drama girl.

Thank you Little House of Dreams of the yummy and pretty bakes! 

I'm certainly going to find one day to bring Emma down for her to try out the cakes! 

More about Little House of Dreams

Little House of Dreams is a home grown bakery that specialises in bespoke cakes, cupcakes and desert tables. With their talented team of pastry chef and fondant artists, this brand has become the go-to brand is you are looking for the perfect dessert highlight. The founders love desserts and with their exacting standards, you can be assured of desserts which taste as good as they look. Along with its sisters brands - Dreams and Confetti, Sugarfina, Rosanna, Mosser Glass, you can trust them to make your sweet dreams a reality.

Check out their website or facebook if you are looking for some awesome bakes, desert tables or just some party inspirations! Their photos are fabulous and my photos here didn't really do good justice!

.... and remember, there is always good reason to celebrate! 

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