Monday, October 5, 2015

Emma: 2 years + 1 month old!

After weeks of contemplating, I've finally decided to continue Emma's monthly update for another year! I love to read back at her younger days and I'm glad to have recorded most memories and photos of her first 2 years.

She spent her first year building up her muscles to get her around and the 2nd year building up her singular vocabulary bank to get her thoughts across. Right after she turned 2, she quickly emerged into a chatterbox and speaks countless strings of sentences. She is also more observant and curious than before.

She's growing taller but not so much in weight. She eats fine on most days apart from those days when I cook porridge for her. She is totally over the porridge phase and prefer solid food. Her bedtime is still at 9pm and naps once in the afternoon. 

She felt sick again just before turning 25 months and it's the fever, cough and flu combo. She got well after few days and, thanks to the haze, got cough again. It looks like it's going to be a period of bugs for her as she has pretty sensitive respiratory system. 

Before she got sick and the bad haze, we brought Emma to Sentosa for the Luge ride. She was brave and cool about the thrilling drift. Emma and I also went on a mummy and daughter shopping spree on Teachers' day. It's really fun (and tiring) to shop with her as she so curious with everything. We then met up with some friends for a hearty lunch!

She learnt alot from listening and experiencing. It's always surprising to hear her say new words like bowel, go playground, eat bread & 妈妈/爸爸祷告 and copy many words that we say. I suspected she came out her own song, she would sing "where are you, hello kitty (x2), here I'm here (x2)" to the tune of the finger song. She sings quite a bit by herself. Some of the frequently sang songs are Jesus loves me and ABC song.

On happy days, she doesn't mind taking photos but on some days, she just couldn't stand still and want to take photos and videos herself instead. I failed to take her monthly photo at her usual spots and had to bring her out to the corridor for some natural shots. 

Now that she is older, I find that she can focus on an activity for a good 45 mins. For the teachers' day, we did some cards together. These days, she practised on her strokes and managed to draw in circular motion. I hope to do more craft activities with her as she seems to enjoy them. She played her hello kitty soft toys alot and loves to line them up. She also had tea party and prayed with them.

I'm thankful that she is developing well and pray that she be back in pink of health. She isn't all angel and can be quite a terror when she can't get what she wants. So, I pray for wisdom and patience for us to parent her. 

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