Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Mrs Singapore World 2015/2016 | Memoire & Co Bridal Boutique

I like to express my heartfelt thanks to Memoire & Co. for their generous sponsorship. I wore a red shimmering bustier gown for the official photoshoot (to be featured in other post) and this stunning red bareback mermaid cut gown for the pre-judging. And with great honor, I won the Best Dress Award at my pre-judging!

Memoire & Co. is a bridal boutique that is housed in a 5-storey shophouse/studio where every corner in the shop makes a great backdrop for a wedding photography. I was totally charmed by their beautifully decorated shop and wide collections of gowns, especially the white gowns, the very moment I walked in.

I love that their staff gave honest advice about how I look in the gown. Since it was for a pageant, I had to find something that is not so bridal and I'm glad that we found the perfect one! These are some of my favourite shots but it certainly looked far more lovely in real life.

I know I should have taken a better shot but I was so nervous on the day of pre-judging. Besides, I didn't bring along my camera. Thankfully, our Mrs Congeniality, Jolin, offered to take some photos for me while waiting for the 2nd group to finish their pre-judging round. Please pardon my bad "photoshop" skill, I tried very hard to declutter the last 2 photos using cloning and mosaic tool. There were actually people, bags and stuff at the background.

It's such a lovely moment to walk down in Memoire & Co.'s gowns as it reminded me of the magical moment at my own wedding in 2010. I can also imagine many beautiful brides and grooms walking away in love and bliss. 

I'm such a happy "customer" and I had already recommended my cousin to check out the shop! I'm very sure that they have many more awesome gowns so give them a call and drop by their shop at 40 Petain Road if you are preparing for your big day! You can also find many bridal photos and inspiration on their facebook

Thank you Memoire & Co. and Amber! The best dress award goes to you all!


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