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Nippon Paint X Choosing Paint Colour for Toddler's Room

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I've been toying with the idea of revamping (a major overhaul) Emma's room for the longest time! It's probably the most neglected corner of the house as little effort is spent on decorating it. 

Hence, I jumped on it when Nippon Paint offered to paint Emma's room! Daddy wasn't too enthusiastic about it as he dislike hassle. But, I managed to convince him that it will all be fine with Nippon Paint's help.

The Plain White Toddler Room (link)

Her room is basically made up of 4 white walls, many white furniture and some pops of colours. 

The few decorations she had in her room are the handmade name bunting, poster and photo frames.

Besides the preloved cot, we got the rest of her furniture from IKEA. Yes, we are big fans! 

The other side of her room ran a long computer desk for Daddy. I usually work on my laptop at the living room. 

1. Inspection

Before the actual paint work, Nippon Paint sent its inspector for a pre-paint site inspection. Ours was a pretty straight forward one. We took about 45 mins as we had a hard time choosing the colours. 

During the inspection, Alan, the projector manager, assured that there will be minimal hassle. The painters will shift the furniture, take down our blind and protect them with plastic sheets. 

2. Choosing type of paint

Nippon Paint has many different type of paints like Vinyl Silk, Odour-less Easywash and Odour-less Medifresh. 

We were recommended to use Odour-less All-in-1. Comparing to the paint we had year back, there was just some really light paint smell during and aftere painting. We kept Emma in our room for 2 nights before letting back to hers. We only managed to air the room for a couple of hours through one panel of window and fan as "light flies" would make their way in at night when we leave the windows open. 

3. Choosing paint colour

He asked about our preferences and shown us the colour charts. In fact, we couldn't come to an agreement on the colours up till that very day. Choosing a paint colour can be so fun yet challenging! 

Here's some thought process:

Understand the emotions of colours
Colour is such an emotional element and it sets the tone of the room. Soft colours instill a feeling of peace and tranquility while rich saturated colours create drama and character. Combining these colours provides endless possibilities. For us, we prefer colours that are less overwhelming and stimulating - something soothing enough for Emma to sleep.

Keep in mind your child's preference
Emma's surely a pink girl! When it comes to clothes, crayons, stickers and toys, she always pick the pink ones first. I didn't have a girl's room since young as I shared the room with my brother. So, I always wanted to give Emma one. 

Balance it with parent's preference
We love white as it's easy to match but it gets boring after 5 years! I wanted pink for Emma as that's her favourite colour (Hope Emma read this when she outgrows pink!) while practical Hubby prefers to keep it neutral in case we have a boy in the future. 

Set a colour theme
It would be good to keep a basic theme of two or three colours to avoid visual chaos. Nippon Paint has lots of ideas on their website. Then, when it comes to decorating it, use shades and tints of these colours plus neutrals to add variety. We considered the colour of our existing white furniture and worked around with it. 

Use accent wall
Instead of having the entire room in a same colour, try using accent/feature wall. It makes the room more special than a solid coloured room. Besides, it's easier to paint a wall with another colour if your child outgrows his/her colour. Haha!

3. Schedule an appointment for paint

After much intense discussion, I won the battle! We decided on a shade of shade of pink called Blusher with Lilac White and scheduled a date for the paint.

The paint is now up and Emma loves it so much! Thank you Nippon Paint! Her big girl's bed should be in next week and I can't wait to set things rolling! More soon!

Sometimes all you need is a little splash of colours!


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