Saturday, August 13, 2016

Happy 3rd Birthday, Emmalyn!

Dear Emmalyn 

We'd an incredibly fast and eventful year! 

Just a year ago, you were still a young toddler who talked in short phrases. But look at you now, you talk in long sentences, express your thoughts effectively and dominated our conversations. Daddy and Mummy often found ourselves laughing to each other when you talk non-stop and wondered where you get your enduring energy from. These days, it's more fun talking to you as you make sense of what we say most of the time. Even when you don't understand, you will still entertain by laughing it off. Daddy told you some jokes and you actually laughed out loud. I think you are getting Daddy's sense of humor. 

You didn't just pick up words, you have developed greater understanding by asking questions, making observation and expressing what you'd learnt. You use lots of why, I think, because and correct?. Many times, we were surprised at how you processed your thought. When I told you that Papa is going for the 2nd swim lesson with you, your reply wasn't ok, don't want or why. Instead, you asked if Papa know how to swim and told him to learn slowly.

You are more aware of your feelings and emotions. One night, you told me you like friend K and A but don't like friend L as he always scold you. And you are scared. Then, I assured you that God will protect you and sang a song for you. You smiled. You said, I smiled. Knowing you had a great day, I asked if you are happy and enjoyed yourself. You replied "yes" sweetly. 

You absorb things like a sponge and memorise bible passages (Lord's prayer for the start) and songs after repeating it for several times. You imitated how your teachers conducted the class and it was pretty well acted out. Raise your voice to give instructions (eg, Group 1 do reading, group 2 play toys), send your misbehaved children (soft toys) to naughty corners, sing and read to them. 

Just a year ago, you were still toning up your muscles for simple physical tasks like climbing up chairs and getting around places cautiously. Now, you dash and throw yourself into the bed and sofa without any difficulties. You are able to change clothes, even one piece swimsuit, by yourself. You can be quite messy eater but you feed yourself well. On a side note, you started eating more of outside food especially on weekends but I still cook as much as I can on weekdays.

Your arms are stronger for the bars and you look like a little monkey swinging merrily. Your legs kick with might, especially in the pool. You could walk longer distance and enjoy shopping! You hand grips are firmer and doodling is more fun for you! Spiders, sun, faces and shapes are some of those you drew. You also enjoy cutting and happy to do up a art piece or two.

Besides some coughs and runny noses, we're thankful that you have been generally healthy. It has been months since you are off diaper for the day but we still can't confident to go without it on car rides. There's quite a lot of dry diapers when you wake up and you're always so proud of them. I'm half-hearted to let you off the diapers at night as I'm worried about the accidents. Shall we start it soon?

We sent you to swimming classes last month and you love it! Hope you would enjoy the weekly water play and gain greater water confidence. Also, you joined the church children choir and had your first worship song presentation in front of the church last month. Daddy and Mummy are proud of your courage and wish you continue to have a heart to worship. You also took up the challenge to be a flower girl at your auntie's wedding and successfully walked down the aisle confidently and calmly. 

You enjoy reading, and we read everyday. Singing is part of your daily activities and Daddy hopes to send you to singing classes some day. TVs are for weekends and you love to watch those YouTube videos about toys and experiences. Recently, you are very well occupied with role-play, play-doh and activity books. You still love water play! Grandpa & grandma bought you a kitchen playset and it's your hot favourite. You enjoy being a teacher and big sister - sometimes very bossy ones. 

After sleeping in the cot for the last 2+ years, we finally got you a big girl's bed and gave your room a beautiful pink coat. You loves it so much and pull through the last few months without any rolling off. Daddy is still putting you to bed every nights. You love to spend the last few moments before sleep talking to him. When I put you to bed, it always take forever as you love me so much and have lots to talk to me. 

You've really grown up fast!

Lots of things have changed for you but some things just don't. 

You still love your thumbs especially when you sleep. Daddy has just implemented new strategy to stop you from thumb biting and there is some good improvement so let's see if it continue to work. 

You are still so curious and love to head out and explore the world. When we are out, you are always attracted to playgrounds and rides. You love checking out everything on the shelves. You had a blast at the recent Hong Kong trip and began to appreciate the fun of traveling. You had so much fun experiences that opened up your eyes and mind. There are so many characters you love and Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Barney, Hello Kitty, Princesses and Pororo are your favourites. 

You still take some time to warm up with new friends but it's much better now. I know you are just being cautious. You definitely inherited Daddy's high level attentiveness and observance. Your eyes and ears are always taking charge of the surrounding even when you are at work. We were at the playground and you just shouted out "the lift (a distance away) is here" when you heard the "ding". 

We don't believe in giving in to your way just to save some tantrums. Thank God that it has been quite bearable to calm you down before we talk some sense to you or distract. However, there are still times we need to lay our hands on you. The 2 to 3 year wasn't as terrible as we thought it would be. Each tantrums help us to understand you better. We find out when you would likely kick a big fuss and learnt to cope and avoid them.

I find it most useful to set routine and expectation so that you are well prepared and they don't come as unwelcoming surprise to you. You still love to test the limit when things come to me as you know I'm easier target than Daddy, your main discipline master.

In the coming year, I look forward to help you build up greater faith and confidence in God and yourself. Regardless of all, God never fails you and He will always be there for you (us). He's our strength, our provider, our protector, our teacher and our guidance. Praise the Lord for watching over you for the past 3 years. In him, there is nothing we need to be worry about.

With lots coming your way and I pray that you will continue your positive attitude, among many more qualities, and not be taken aback. There's a limitation to what we can do for you and help you. So, I rather you have more faith in God and have confidence in yourself, be self-motivated and keep doing your best under our guidance! Daddy & Mummy will continue to work our part to be better parents and pray for more wisdom & strength to upbring you.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Emmalyn! 

With love,
Daddy & Mummy


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