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A Peter Rabbit Tale by The Little Company - Review & Giveaway

Have you heard about "A Peter Rabbit Tale"?

It's a musical play production, by The Little Company, that is based on a classic illustrated children's story - The Tale of Peter Rabbit, by Beatrix Potter.

It tells a story of a mischievous bunny, named Peter, who goes against his mother's wishes, and runs away from home after he steals from a neighbor garden. After realizing the importance of family and being himself, he goes back to the arms of his family and turns over a new leaf!
Besides reading that it was great story, we actually didn't have much expectations over the play since it was only our 3rd children's play thus far. But guess what, it blew us away and we were totally captivated!

And here's why I'd recommend "A Peter Rabbit Tale" to families with young children.

Peter Rabbit and His lovely family

1. Lively and engaging cast

I must say the cast had brought the characters of different animals like rabbits, owl, squirrels, mice, cat, hedgehog and frog to live. The lively cast performed really well - they jumped, climbed, ran and even bounced around so naturally. Being dressed up in colourful costumes and outfits, they had surely kept the children's eyes on them. I had no problem understanding their lines as they spoke with great clarity and full of emotions. 

Seated at the front row, we were engaged at a deeper level. The characters ran past us, and Emma was asked if she wanted some nuts and had a gummy worm "attack" by the squirrel.
 Peter Rabbit with the 2 cute squirrels

2. Cheerful songs

The cast doesn't just acted well, their singing was great! The cheerful and uplifting songs never failed to end off with a round of applause. I guess that's the beauty of live musical play!

3. Interesting props and background

I love how versatile the background was. The tree-like structures were transformed into forest, mouse holes and garden. Interesting props like balloons as nuts, real gummy worms, life jackets, tricycle as boat and skateboards were used. 

Peter Rabbit and the 2 squirrels off for adventure

4. Full of emotions

From anger to doubt to fear, the play was bursting with emotions. It was so real to the children that some of them broke into tears. The owl and cat chasing Peter Rabbit brought tears to Emma. She was worried that Peter will be caught by them. 

I especially love the ending when Peter Rabbit reunited with his family. It was so heartwarming and I was trying hard to hold back my tears. I believe in exposing children to both positive and negative feelings so that they learn to identify and embrace them, and the play brought out the various emotions well.

Peter Rabbit with the Mice Family

5. Great morals behind the story

The morals behind the story were strong - treasuring family ties and being ourselves. That's surely something we like to cultivate in our children.

Peter Rabbit eventually found out that home is where he should be. He realized how much he loves his mother and sisters. His family meant so much more to him than he had imagined and he should always cherish them!

Instead of trying to become other animals, he should learn to be what's he born as - a rabbit and an obedient one in the warmth of his family. We didn't have to run away from our mistake. Instead, we should learn from it, change or improve and move on!

Hedgehog convincing Peter Rabbit to return home

I doubt Emma can fully understand the morals in one seating but the play had definitely casted a deep impression in her mind. She reminded me of the missed out scenes when I re-told the story. When she saw a photo of an owl with a squirrel (below), she spotted it immediately and told her grandma that she had watched Peter Rabbit. And she was right - that was actually review on the newspaper about it. I hope to get hold of the book so that we can go through the meaningful story once again!

Squirrel stealing nuts from the owl

It's no doubt a great play production and experience!



Singapore Repertory Theatre is giving away a Category 2 family package tickets for 4 (worth $129) on 8 April, Saturday, 11am.

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Show timings: 
Weekdays -10am
Weekends & Public Holiday - 11am & 2pm

Tickets Pricing (tickets available on SISTIC):
Weekdays - Starting from $25
Weekends - Starting from $35

KC Arts Centre - Home of SRT
Robertson Walk
20 Merbau Road
Singapore 239035

"A Peter Rabbit Tale" will end on 14 April 2017. So, catch it before it's gone!

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