Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Learning trip to Hay Dairies Goat Farm!

Few weeks ago, we had our first trip to the Hay Dairies Goat Farm and it was so eye-opening!

Our first stop was to watch the goat milking at the entrance.

However, Emma wasn't very fascinated by the backsides of the goats. Instead, she was a little frightened by the goats and even asked to leave the farm as it was her first time seeing live goats.

After much assurance that she will be safe, we happily made our way into the goat barn. To our slight alarm, we saw an escaped goat at the end of the barn. Hubby quickly alert the staff who then brought it back into their locked shelter.

At the barn, we were allowed to feed and pat the goats. The goats were looking hungry so we got Daddy to buy some dried grass to feed them. Even though Emma had fun feeding the goats, she was wary and needed me to feed them with her.

Just as Emma was getting comfortable with the baby goats, something "scary" and exciting happened.

We heard some loud moaning and meh-ing. A mother goat was actually giving birth to a baby goat. Emma totally freaked out. I stood close to her and explained what was happening while Daddy went to alert the staff again. In no time, the baby goat was out and all was good! I decided to leave out the photos here as it looked pretty grossed with the yellowish sticky gooey discharge on the baby goat.

We continued with our feedings and encouraged Emma to pat the goats. It took her a while to muster her courage but she eventually overcame her fears and gave them good rubs on their heads.

After finishing the feeds, we left the barn and went for a fresh bottle of chocolate goat milk to end the adventurous visit.

What we thought would be a "oh, so cute" goat trip turned out to be very "raw" and enriching for Emma. This simple trip has tested her boundaries and taught her new things beyond what she can learn from books and schools.

It's amazing how children learn from their experiences. Now, she can't stop thinking about the goats! Telling of the goat birth story with lots of goat-related questions has become part of our bedtime routine. She also surprised me by linking the goat birth to human birth. The visit has certainly roused her curiosity about how baby comes about.

Oh well, only if giving birth to a baby is as swift as goats'!

Hay Dairies

3 Lim Chu Kang Lane 4
Singapore 718859

Opening Hours: 9am to 4pm (Mon, Wed-Sun)
Goat Milking timings: 9am - 10.30am
Free Admission for group less than 20 people

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