Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Emma, You're a big sister now!

Dear Emmalyn

Congratulations! You're officially a big sister now!
It has been 6 weeks since you took up the new role and things have been going much better than I had anticipated.
You welcomed baby Avalyn into the family from the bottom of the heart. You tell us that you love her from Day 1 and always say that she is so cute. You understand that baby takes time to grow and learn so you are totally fine with having a baby who couldn't play or talk to you. You know that you're a big sister and your baby sister needs help more than you. You are caring towards her, often check out on her and tell her what she needs. It's always "Mama/Papa, mei mei is crying. I think she wants milk or I think she poo poo".
Seeing how you love and care for her just touched our hearts. Let's pray that you keep it this way.  However, it is not without any challenge, there are still lots of learning for you and us with a new baby around.

Patience and Independence

While we try to stick to our old routine, there are some changes to our lifestyle after having a baby. You spend more time waiting - waiting for me to pump milk, feed baby and do random chores. It's not exactly a bad thing as you learn to keep yourself occupied with toys and activities. I would say, you are getting better with this patience and independence lesson. But, you would still ask for youtube on TV or phone when you get restless. So, we need to not go the easy way out by giving you too much screen time. I don't think we can do away with screen time totally but I'm certainly doing my best to limit it as much as I can.

Sensibility and Obedience

We have so many "Emma, please be gentle with mei mei!", "Emma, don't touch mei mei." these days. You can't take your hands off her - especially her face and hands and we always have to remind you to touch or pat her at her legs gently. You love to watch her sleep in the cot and often can't resist a pat that rouse her up. When you get a chance to hug her, you feel like giving her a cozy bear hug. Yes, that's how overly passionate you are towards her and we have to step in to ensure that you don't hurt or disturb mei mei unintentionally. Sometimes, it takes more than just reminders to get you to obey even though you know the boundaries and understand reasons well.
You love to call out to us loudly and laughed your heart out. There are really nothing very wrong about that but with a sleeping baby, we need you to be softer and not wake baby up. There are also many other areas for you to learn how to be sensible and obedient. I know it's not easy, but let's learn to understand when the right time to do things in the right way.

This is just the start of a new learning journey. I'm sure there will be more challenges and learning for all of us to come as both of you grow up. I pray that Daddy and Mummy will have more wisdom, strength and patience to upbring both of you!


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