Thursday, October 19, 2017

Thomashlynshome #2: Dressing up Living Room with The Curtain Expert


After close to 4 weeks, we are finally settled down in our new house #thomashlynshome!

Living room is where we spent most of our awake time at. It's a place where the girls hang out, chill, play and drink their milk. It's a place where Hubby and Emma watch movies on weekends. It's a place to rest and recharge. So, we wanted it to be welcoming and cosy.

When Hubby asked me, "what theme do you want our living room to be?" I just replied, "I want it white and bright." He tried his best to accommodate to my wish (demand) but added mirror cabinet and touches of black marble. I love the mirror as it makes our space looks a little bigger than it's. Emma loves it even more as she could now dance in front of the mirror and check out herself conveniently.

We didn't want our new living room to look exactly like the old one that has quite a bit of black so we went with grey furnishing. The curtains were the last thing that went in the living room and they totally transformed for the space. The whole space became so dressed up!

When I met up with Andy from The Curtain Expert at their new showroom, I was still half-hearted about setting up curtains. We were so used to having blinds and windows that dressing up the full length sliding doors was somewhat daunting to us. Before meeting up with him, he directed me to a post that he has written. It's really informative and help me understand more about curtains and blinds. Do check it out if you are thinking of how to dress up your windows/sliding doors.

I love the softness that comes along with the curtains so we went with both day and night curtains for the living room and 2 bedrooms.  As we have decided on the colour theme of the living room, it wasn't too hard to make the choice. I asked for his recommendation as they are too many types of fabrics and went with the one he chose. For the living room, we used printed fabrics while the rooms, we used solid colour black-out fabrics. The 3 sets of curtains totalled up to be about $1.9k. We have height ceiling of 3.75m so it's slightly more costly. However, costs of the curtains vary widely due to the fabrics and curtain folds.

Andy is really experienced and straight forward. I asked why are there such a great difference in curtains pricing and the answer is obvious - the quality of fabrics. But, he also shared that sometimes the actual fabrics used might be slightly different from what the customers had chosen. It is actually hard to differentiate fabrics as most of the design looks similar. There are also companies that cut corners by minimising the hem of the curtains and reducing the number of curtain folds. It actually doesn't look as good to have just an inch of hem. Ours have 4 inches at the bottom. They provides curtain tracks with plastic hooks. These plastic hooks are lasting and more expensive that the metal ones. At The Curtain Expert, they really pride themselves to deliver reliable products and service.

Andy helped to expedite the shipping of our curtains as we had already move in and it was ready in just 1 week after the measurements taking at our place. Normally, it takes about 2-3 weeks for the curtain to be ready. Installation of the curtains for living room and 2 bedrooms took an hour. Installation uncle did a great job and everything went well!

I'm so happy that the curtains complement the living room really well! Look out for the rooms' grey black-out curtains in upcoming posts!

Check out and for see more of the installation work and reviews!

* In case you didn't figure out what's behind our hastag #thomashlynshome, it's actually means home for the 4 of us - thom(as), ash(lyn), (Emma & Ava)lyns. Before Avalyn comes along, it was just #thomashlyn. Now, I added a 's' to represent both girls!

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