Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Days of Emmalyn & Avalyn

"Mei mei, I love you! I really really love you!"
These are the exact words that came from Emmalyn as she gave Avalyn a tight hug. Avalyn was enjoying the cuddle until she realized it was getting abit uncomfortable so she let out some loud helpless cries.
That's how sweet and passionate (rough) Emmalyn has been towards her baby sister over the past 7+ months.
She loves her to every bits and there is never a day without her saying "mei mei, I love you" or "mei mei, you are so cute!". They spend lots of time together. Emma loves to have her sister lying by her side when she takes her milk in the morning. She loves hanging out with her on the playmat, hugging her, planting kisses on her, talking with her and making her laugh. It's funny to watch both of them laughing silly after each other.
Emma can't wait for Avalyn to grow up so that she can play with her! It has been much of a one-sided play until recently. She put on makeup for her and prepare "food" for her. So, she was over the moon when I let both of them play in the bathtub together. It's amazing how simple water play like this can be so fun for the whole family.  Check out how you can spend more playtime with your little ones here. For sure, family that plays together, stays together!

She enjoys watching Avalyn in action and often bring Avalyn's needs to our attention. She will run shouting, "mei mei split milk", "mei mei poo-ed". In fact, she saw Avalyn flipped before us! We didn't believe her until we saw Avalyn flipping ourselves.
She celebrates Avalyn's milestones like a true big sister! I had to take a step back and let her be the one to give the first feed of cereal and puree. Once a while, she would bath for her too.
Avalyn cries so much more than Emma when she was younger. Thankfully, Emma is very tolerant towards it. She can bear Avalyn's 20-mins cries in a car ride without any whine. When Avalyn cries, she tried to comfort her with "Mei Mei don't cry, jie jie is here.". Actually, Emma hardly complains about her crying unless she was also very cranky at that time.
She gets impatient over us not doing certain things that she asks for but has never ever hurried Avalyn to do anything. She's surprisingly patient towards her! But, she still scold her for snatching her things. I foresee more of such "This is mine!", "Don't take my things".. coming next time.
I believe Avalyn could feel much love from her sister too! She gives her sister the sweetest smiles and never fails to laugh over her silly antics. She enjoys her accompany especially when we were busy with chores. She loves to watch Avalyn at work. She often use her hands to touch and hold Emmalyn. Even though the big sister sometimes complain about Avalyn disturbing her, she still sticks close to Avalyn and let Avalyn does whatever she likes to her - eg., pinching of nose/mouth and pulling of hair.
While Emma is a loving big sister in our eyes, she can be really rough towards her. I would say she makes her laugh as much as she makes her cries. Besides giving her tight uncomfortable hugs, she also squeezed her face and. Sometimes, Emma also disturbed her by taking away her toys. When Emma gets all excited, she tends to forget about her sister's presence. I've lost counts of the times Emma almost stepped on Avalyn or kicked her head. She often talks loudly when Avalyn was trying hard to sleep in the bedroom. When she was up earlier than her, she would try her ways to disturb and wake her up so that she could play with her. Oh well, both of them just like to disturb each other's sleep.
We also realized she tends to disturb Avalyn more when we were out with others. She squeezed her and pretended to bite her. Perhaps, that's her way to tell others that this is my sister! We had to constantly remind her to be gentle with Avalyn. But, she gets past it pretty fast. She would quickly find some friends and head off for play.
I'm thankful that Emma's enjoying her new big sister role and the sisters are getting along really well!
I know things might change when Avalyn starts to crawl and snatch her things. Tell me more about sisters' fights! Thus, I'm enjoying every moments now and journaling this down to remind myself how sweet and loving they are when they were younger.
I pray that they will continue to be so loving and tolerant towards each other in the years to come! May we have the wisdom and strength to teach them how to love, care and share.


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