Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Losing post pregnancy tummy with Mary Chia

I was 44kg, 3kg below my pre pregnancy weight, when I stop breastfeeding Emma at 15th month. I was too weak and had to stop.

When I stopped breastfeeding Avalyn at 12th month, I was 49kg - 2kg above my desired weight! Breastfeeding had surely helped to lose my weight but I was eating alot more when I was breastfeeding the 2nd time. I blame it on stress. Also, I was too busy to bother about my weight then.

6 months on, I was still hovering 49kg. However, my main problem is that the tummy was growing. Emma even asked me I'm pregnant! I'm bounded at desk most of the time, and didn't need to walk much since Hubby fetched me to/fro work then, until recently. It didn't help that I didn't take care of my belly after my miscarriage before Avalyn. My belly was so loose. I did post pregnancy massage and binding after giving birth to Avalyn but I didn't control my diet thereafter. 

It was as if my prayers were answered, I was invited to do a review with Mary Chia. I decided that it was time to do something. Many were surprised when I shared on IG stories that I'm starting treatments with Mary Chia. With my small frame and height, I'm often passed off as "slim" but I actually had quite a big muffin top belly. Photo angle and beauty app help to hide them all.
After 8 treatments with Mary Chia over 8 weeks, I've lost 4 inches at my tummy and 3 inch at my waist. 

I'm seeing a smaller tummy and generally more toned body. Still lots work on, but it's already a great motivation! I had to stop treatment for the time being as the outlet that I go to is under renovation. Meanwhile, I'm hoping to exercise at least once a week and eat in moderation. 2019 new year resolution! 

I did a combination of customised treatments over these 8 weeks. They mainly help in detoxing and toning.
22 Nov - Milk detox
29 Nov - LPG IntegralQuartz Macro Fat-Reduction
6 Dec - Coffee Drainage and Thermal blanket
12 Dec - LPG IntegralQuartz Macro Fat-Reduction
20 Dec - LPG IntegralQuartz Macro Fat-Reduction
27 Dec - LPG IntegralQuartz Macro Fat-Reduction + Milk Detox and hot blanket
10 Jan - LPG IntegralQuartz Macro Fat-Reduction

To get the best results, I should visit twice a week, control my diet and exercise. However, I could only set aside once a week. Over these 8 weeks, I didn't diet and exercise. I tried to eat lesser but I couldn't reduce my appetite. But, I cut down on my snacks alot. Thus, I'm really pleased to see some results.

Before the treatments, weight measurement were made. Full body measurement will be taken periodically.

Detox treatment and Hot Blanket

I did 2 types of detoxification treatment where I was all wrapped up in the thermal blanket from neck down. 
Coffee Drainage Therapy uses ground coffee contains caffeine, a stimulating exfoliator that has great astringent properties. Coffee also contains polyphenols, a group of antioxidants which helps to fight free radicals and reduces skin aging. The coffee granules in the spa scrub help draw out impurities from the body, increase stimulation and reduce the appearance of cellulite. As for the Nourishing Milk detox, it uses nourishing milk polish and cocoon wrap to increase overall metabolic rate for general wellness.
During the treatment, I sweated bucket! It felt so good to get rid of the excess water retention and toxic as I hardly sweat. It took me at least 20 mins before I start sweating. Before the wrap, milk/coffee body scrub was applied onto my body. The Milk Detox was very moisturising and Coffee Drainage has slimming effect.

LPG IntegralQuartz Macro Fat-Reduction

These LPG IntegralQuartz Macro Fat-Reduction treatments help to tackle the stubborn existence of cellulite with our advanced technology from France, break down fats and firm up the body. Combining gentle suction and rolling on the targeted areas helps to increase local circulation and the process of lipolysis for an overall youthful appearance.

Using state-of-the-art equipment that combines the dual action of pinching and rolling, this treatment tones/firms the body and smoothens the skin. The treatment requires me to change in an bodysuit as a protective layer. 

The cellulite at my inner tights was significantly lightened. I like that they have different level of strength for the roller. The first time was painful and ticklish for me but subsequently the session felt like massage for me! 

It's a natural and non-invasive way of body contouring. Each treatment takes 30 mins and it usually follows by a sauna and a body wrap.

Honestly, slimming and toning up the body takes lots of commitment and discipline. These treatment won't be as effective if I continue to binge. I wish I could be more hardworking on cutting down fats and exercise more. The good thing is, these treatments makes slimming efforts more effective and visible. It keeps me going. My tummy is still not totally gone and I'm hoping just to trim a few more inches away. All the best to me!


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