Sunday, May 17, 2020

Happy 3rd Birthday, Avalyn!

Avalyn turned 3 years old!

Dear Avalyn

Another year just fly by so quickly! Unknowingly, we spent almost one third of your 2nd year trying our very best to stay safe from Covid-19. Hence, we didn't really have as much outdoor fun or activities as we wish. But, I'm thankful to be able to spend so much more time together together at home.

Nonetheless, you get to visit Malacca and Batam when you were ~2.5 years old. We also had a staycation during Christmas. You joined us for our 10th wedding anniversary celebration! Even though you were not even 3 years old then, you seems to understand the idea of "marry" and "husband and wife". I think it's also because you've watched more shows and cartoons. You also had your first theatre experience with Aladdin.

With the wider exposure (more cartoons!), your thinking is definitely more mature than when your sister was at your age. You are learning to make observations and interpretation. You understand that there is virus out there and make no qualms about staying home. Instead, you asked why are people going out as you watched from kour balcony.

Over the last year, you have picked up countless words and often surprised us with big new words like transform, allergic. You are talking in long sentences. Daddy, me and jie jie often caught ourselves laughing at you because you kept talking non-stop. You can describe what things to us clearly and most of the time, you could explain yourself and relate things very well. Recently, you started singing alot more and we sometimes find you singing at the corner by yourself. Emmalyn often justifies that you learnt from her and that's why she is talking so well. She even complained "It's not fair, you all didn't talk so much to me." And true enough, Emmalyn should take most of the credits in teaching you.

You didn't just learn how to talk and think from her, she also learnt how to play from her. You love to do what she do! You almost skipped all the baby toys and hit straight to the big girls toys like barbie dolls, sylvanian rabbits, duplos and now legos. She's super into pretend play - always ready to pick up a toy and get into the role. Besides all the good stuff, you also picked up much of the cheeky and naughty stuff.

You also enjoy water play, play dough, painting and books! During this stay home period, you have learnt to play so much. You love a playmate and your sister is always your go to! Both of you play very well together but also fight "when the time is up.

I had planned to let you try some classes earlier this year but things got held back due to Covid-19. 什么都是好的。We get to spend more time together and able to discipline/explain things to you. During this stay home period, you get cranky especially in the afternoon as you skip nap. It's hard to get you to nap so most of the time, we just let you skip it and end the night earlier.

You are very expressive and wear your emotions on your sleeves. You always give your sweetest smile. You have a very loud voice. You laugh your heart our alot and are easily tickled but also cry super loud. You are humorous and like to do funny things then laugh at yourself. But when you are cranky, you can be quite a handful and often need extra coaxing. Nonetheless, I think we need to be more firm to you so that you won't keep testing your boundaries. I don't blame it on you because as a 2nd child, you inevitably get slightly lesser attention from us. Sometimes, it's because we are busy. Other time, we leave you with your big sister because both of you are having so much fun together. Regardless, you are certainly not less loved. As your big sister says, "it's not fair, mei mei has 3 people to love and play with her. But I only have 2. I want you to know that we all love you alot. Your sister love more than we can imagine and is very patient towards you most of the time. She loves to hug you and is always there to comfort you when you cry.

At 3 years old, you have gained good control over your body. You could climb stairs, skip, stand one leg, spin and throw yourself onto the sofa. You've also been running around alot. This stay home period, we also see you dance around like a ballerina! You control your hands well and could even attempt to drum like a pro. Few months back, you drew your first drawing of a dog! You also use scissors pretty well now!

You eat fairly well and a wide variety of food and fruits. You could feed yourself but have been getting fussy during this stay home period. You still take your milk 3 times a day. Count yourself lucky, you started eating vitamin gummies after you turn 2 years old and gummies sweet recently.

It took us a while to move both you and your big sister back to your own room. After about 1.5 years, we finally successfully move both of you to sleep in your own room. Both of you still need us to accompany but you definitely sleep better than you nap!

Of all, we are most thankful that you've been a strong and healthy toddler. Apart from one case of Hfmd and "chicken pox", from your sister, you are generally well. We can't determine if you really had chicken pox because we didn't get you checked. Your big sister seen a doctor virtually and was told that she had chicken pox about 3 weeks before you started to have spots. She had a mild one. You had more spots than her but your Daddy didn't think it was chicken pox. Thankfully, we are already staying home so it didn't cause much trouble other than to avoid chicken, eggs and dark sauce. I'm glad that you are cleared now. You are more aware of your potty businesses and attempted to do them in the potty a number of times. You could even take out your own diapers and pants. We haven't been training you as things have been rather overwhelming. I believe you will be off diapers once you are ready!

What a year! We are thankful for everything and thank God for watching after you and our family. Being a mother to a toddler the 2nd time means more experience and patience, but there are still more to learn because you pose new challenges with your wits. Sometimes, we think that you fuss too much because you know what you want and are very persistent. Though more experience, it's actually harder because we now have 2 of you to nurture and so more things to juggle. I'm still learning and will continue to pray that I would have more wisdom to upbring you and your big sister!

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