Friday, May 7, 2021

Learning Chinese made easy and convenient with Lingoace

I can't help but to get more serious in Emmalyn's school work as she turned Primary 2 after getting by an "easy" Primary 1. With all the HBL, SLS and WFH last year, I simply don't have the bandwidth to focus on excelling in school work. Survival was the key. 

I panicked a little when her teacher called and shared that she needed extra guidance at the start of this year. I'm thankful that she has since improved alot with more effort from her teacher and both of us as well as lots of prayers! At that moment, I knew that as a working mother, I needed extra help in guiding Emmalyn in her school work because weekends and evenings are simply insufficient. 

Hence, I started Emmalyn on Lingoace classes at the start of the year and she has recently completed a term of Chinese lessons. Here's my honest review:

1. Quality Learning

Lingoace provides quality and immersive language learning to students aged 4-15 years old, with their headquarter based in Singapore. With over 2000 teachers supporting 100,000 students across 80 countries, they are indeed very established. 

It provides a range of online lessons for various students' needs in mastering Chinese language. For Emmalyn, she attends the SG synchronised class. The lesson is interactive, personalised yet structured and follows MOE syllabus closely. The teacher tailors the class according to Emmalyn's standard and they are really patient. I'm so glad that she could follow the class really well! 

During the lesson, the teacher will teach a set of Chinese words and explain their meanings, how to write it and use it. Before the start of the class, she would go through the homework that was submitted in advance of the class via the system. Most of the words overlap with the school syllabus but I like that they teach few other words to expand their Chinese words bank. Over the week, I will get her to complete the worksheet at her student care and then go through with her to reinforce her learning. 

2. Convenient and Flexible

The lessons are conducted remotely so It's really convenient. Emma took the classes on weekends at our home and sometimes grandparents' home. Each lesson runs 55 mins and there are options of individual and group sessions. 

I must also mention the unique point of Lingoace – it has very structured yet flexible system to support the classes. Classes are booked on the system and parents can change class timing conveniently. I love the flexibility as we could find other timings when there are clashes in our schedule. Class materials and worksheets are in there too! 

How effective are the classes?

Honestly, 55 mins of @lingoace_global is not enough but it's definitely a great help for us! Unless the child has natural flair for Mandarin, extra hours of revisions, practice and reading are still necessary after school once they started primary school. It's hard for me to spend hours to revise with her after work and on weekends - the last thing she want to do with me is to revise her work. But she's always cool to attend enrichment classes. Keeping her Chinese enrichment lesson short and sweet makes it efficient and fuss free for all of us. 

After a term with Lingoace, I see Emma more opened to speak and read Mandarin and I'm so glad that we are seeing some progress! More to work on! 加油,芊惠。

It’s hard to compare the syllabus with the mainstream Chinese Enrichment classes as most of the classes run about 1.5 hours – 2 hours. Emmalyn has not attended other mainstream Chinese Enrichment classes. In my opinion, I find that Lingoace lessons enforce what the children need to know and are easy to follow. Thus, it builds up confidence in the language without taking a toll on both the children and parents.

What are the fees? 

1-1 classes (4-7 years old, 30 mins): $22.50 per class

1-1 classes (7-12 years old): $44.90 per class 

1-4 group classes (7-12 years old): $32.10 per class

*fees as of May 2021.

Lingoace classes are booked based on credits. Parents can purchase the credits in packages (look out for promotion that offers bonus classes) and plan their classes accordingly. 

I can't say that the online format of the classes would work for all children as it depends on her child's personality. However, I would strongly recommend you to go for a trial to have a first hand experience to see if it works for your child. Emmalyn is one who can't sit still and likes to move about - she sometimes stand as she eats her meal. However, the teachers were very patient. They didn't restrict her movement (while sitting down) but still manage to grasp her attention with questions and reading.

If you are interested to try the free trial class, hop over to this link to sign up! 

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