Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Get Active This Summer with Gen Woo

Try spending a few hours with Emmalyn and you will definitely not miss out on some of her stunts. Born in the year of the snake, she's flexible and likes to move around. Whenever she could, she would squeeze in some splits, kicks and cartwheels. She even influenced Avalyn to move and roll around alot at home. During this holiday, she chanced on Jordan Matter, a creative photographer, on YouTube and was so impressed by his videos. He photographed gymnasts and dancers so beautifully. So, she asked me to bring her on a photoshoot. Though my skill is definitely nowhere near Jordan Matter, I happily obliged.

After changing into her sports wear from Gen Woo, she was even more hyped up! This latest launch at Gen Woo is her favourite set (crop top and leggings) and she wears it every other day! The material is really soft and comfortable for her to move about and do her stunts. I really love the pink camou prints and the colours really cheer up her active days.

Besides this set, Gen Woo also recently brought in a number of other stylish children sports and active wear.

At the start of the year, she came back one day from school and started to try to do a cartwheel. We kept stopping her as we were afraid that she would injure herself. I asked her PE teacher if he had taught her that and he replied no. Few months on, she managed to do quite a decent one. How did it happen? To our surprise, she secretly learnt how to do a cartwheel with her classmate in the school TOILET! I was speechless. Thankfully, no injury so far.

Over the past few months, we have noticed an increased interest in gymnastics in Emmalyn. Her school has gymnastics CCA and she was exposed to it during their PE lessons. She even told her ballet teacher that she's going to quit ballet after she gets into gymnastics. Oh my! I wonder how she said it and how did the teacher take it.

Few months back, she came back one day telling me that "She has been selected for gymnastics by her PE teacher" along with some other students. That sounds cool! After checking in with her teacher, I learnt that she was only shortlisted and the PE teacher will make the final decision at the end of the year.

I didn't want to raise her hopes as I've heard much about children not being able to get into their preferred choice. I told her about it and asked her to pray for her CCA next year. Her school doesn't have ballet so the next choice might be Chinese Dance. I shared with her my own CCA journey and asked her to keep her options opened. Regardless, I trust that God has a perfect CCA for her.

Meanwhile, I'm really glad that she's very active and enjoying herself in various activities. She even joined me at the gym. She's looking really sporty in this "Just Dance" outfit (crop top and shorts)! This rib fitted tank top goes well with anything - shorts, tulle skirts and even leggings!

Nonetheless, it makes me think more. I wonder how we parents can help our children discover their non-academic interests and build up their ability?

Some of us may be well aware of what excites our children but some might not have any clue. Sometimes these change for our children, as they do for us adults.

I’m not a parenting expert, but here's some ways that have been helpful to me along the way.
  • Expose them. I believe in the mantra "you never know until you try!". It's only until they try it, they will truly know whether they like it. And until they try more, they truly know what their hearts beat for.
  • Observe what they like and enjoy doing. It can sometimes be very obvious but it could also take a while for time to find out their interest.
  • Let them explore and experiment within safe boundaries. If they enjoy an activity, give them some freedom to do it.
  • Assess. There are so many factors to consider - their interest, potential, personality, family finances, academic performance and family lifestyle. To go for it or not? How far should we go?
  • Build their interest. I do it by showing them videos and photos of how others do it. Emmalyn is blessed to know 5 other gymnasts at church. A number of them even represent Singapore!
  • Build their ability through classes and home practice. Of course, it takes time, money, effort, perseverance and encouragements!
  • Look for opportunities to learn, perform or showcase or even compete.
  • Assess again. Eventually the children will grow up and make their own call.

Looking back, I don’t have much opportunities to explore much like the children these days. But, I’m thankful that schools offer CCA. I joined netball, girl brigade, library when I was in primary school. It was until when I was in Secondary 2, I started dancing while I was in Choir. Though I had only danced for 5 years and couldn’t dance much now, my years in performing arts built up my confidence and brought me lots of joy. I’m still not the most confident lady but I was rather insecure because of my family background and upbringing when I was younger. The journey was amazing and that’s also where I’ve made my lifelong friends.

Emmalyn started ballet in 2018 when she was 4 (turning 5) years old and it has been a very enriching journey. I don't know what it will lead to but I'm glad that she is enjoying herself and finding new interests. Gymnastics can be quite an investment so I am just praying that she could get to the school CCA if it's meant to be. Having known the 2 families who have gymnasts children, I know it is not an easy journey. I've unsure if I like her to take on that journey. They train almost everyday! By God's grace, their children are so outstanding!

Whatever interests, potential, ability or opportunities our children have, I'm reminded that every child is unique. Every family is different. God has his special plan and timings for each and every child. To some, it might be a childhood interests, others might be a lifelong passion. We parents, we do what we can and pray that our children will enjoy themselves, develop skills, build their character, make good friends and create precious memories.

Whether it is ballet, gymnastics or something else, I'm looking forward to supporting and seeing how the sisters grow and bloom in their special ways!!

Special thanks to Gen Woo for these lovely sets from their latest collection! Emmalyn loves these sets so much!

She is turning 8 and it is really getting harder to dress her up. No doubt, Tween is one of the most challenging groups to shop for because of the changing styles and trends they embrace. Gen Woo makes it easier than ever to find styles that girls will love at prices you can afford. It carries a wide range of apparels and masks for children up to 14 years old and ladies too!

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Go check out their wide variety of styles now!! Happy shopping!

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