Sunday, June 14, 2009

Golden Horse Award

07 Jun 09

Went to GOLDEN HORSE AWARD for gowns' fitting last Sunday. =D

This bridal shop has 2 branches: we signed up our package at Marina Square and went for our 1st fitting at Yishun. It's just less than 5 mins walk from my house.

Tried on to more than 20 gowns I think?! I couldn't believe that the whole session actually took more than 5 hours. It was rather tiring; so much so that I fell asleep very soon once I went on the bed. I even suffered from mild muscle aches the next day. (The gowns are quite heavy.)

Dear Dear & Mummy were really patient. <3 They waited, gave sincere advices and chose gowns for me. Chun Fu also came down to join in the fun for a while. Really appreciate their effort & time.

The gowns are beautiful but not as wide range as I thought. Come to think about it. Gown designs are rather typical - Tube/Corset, Halter or Off Shoulder. And the gown details - like Crystals, Beads.. make up the variety.

But there are several pieces that I like a lot. Pray that I would be able to make good choices. I want to be a PRETTY BRIDE. !!

Oh ya, am not allowed to take photos of gowns until my choices are finalised. Hmm..

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