Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Emma's progress with Morris Allen English Enrichment

Books, small tables and chairs.

To my surprise, the classrooms at Morris Allen looks like a mini library more than anything. I was expecting a classroom with just table and whiteboards since it’s a English enrichment class. But, I’m glad that the class is more fun than I could imagine.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Emmalyn's journey with Aureus Academy

Hubby: “singing class?”
Ashlyn: “hmmm, ok, but she already has choir at church”
Ashlyn: “what about piano?”
Hubby: “don’t want la, we need a piano at home”
Emma: “piano like quite boring”
Ashlyn: “violin, guitar or ukulele? Emma, do you want to learn violin, guitar or ukulele?”
Emma: shake head. “I just want to learn ballet”.
Hubby: “Don’t want (volin, drum or guitar). Drum? I show you!”
Emma (after watching a drum clip): hmm, ok!
Ashlyn: Really drum ah? Or what about learn piano?
Emma: yup!

And so, that’s how we end up having a budding princess drummer who wants to be dainty princess ballerina yet hippy and cool drumming. Ballet is definitely her first love but music is always good for the children and she only said yes to drum.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Kuno Method - Interview with Teacher Shenlynn

Emma picked up some animals cards and shouted out, "Let's play a game!". It's not a game cards, but she just came up with a game herself. "Let's see who has the bigger number, the one with the biggest number win". There are 3 numbers on each card, and she read out the largest number of all. It followed by us reading out the largest number of my card before she announced the winner among us. To some, it seems like a silly game and she didn't nail the right largest number all the time but I saw her creativity, understanding of the concepts of comparison and numbers as well as her ability to express ideas.

Games, puzzles, story telling, dialogues and worksheets are just a few activities out of many in Emma's Kuno Method classes. They are fun, interactive and integrated! It's not difficult to understand why Emma has been enjoying Kuno Method classes over the last 7 months. 

Using a structured concept-based curriculum and experiential learning method, Kuno Method helps Emma to acquire logical & lateral thinking. With a strong thinking skill and understanding of the basic concepts, it encourages the children to engage in independent learning. 

Kuno Method focuses on 6 keys basic concepts - (1) Comparison, order and measurement, (2) Numbers and operations, (3) Spatial recognition, (4) Geometry, (5) Language and effective communication and (6) Other essential life skills. Introducing these concepts help to build a strong foundation for learning. It has certainly sparks the Emma's natural curiosity in and awareness of the of the concept learnt. I observed that she sometimes draw connections between the lessons and what she sees/experiences in everyday life subconsciously.

I'm really loving how Kuno Method builds foundation for learning especially when the preschoolers are at the peak of their development! And, it surely takes a teacher with the same belief to run the class. With much curiosity, I interviewed Emma's teacher, Shenlynn, to find out more about her teaching journey and what she thinks about learning.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Kids World 2018 - Asia's Largest Parenting Fair

I've been to baby fair, been to kids fair but it was my first time to visit a kids and baby fair!
Kids World 2018 brought both kids and baby brands together under one roof, and it's so convenient for me! I dropped by twice on 11 & 12 Aug and we didn't cover all. The only regret was I couldn't spend more time over there as it was Emma's birthday party on 11 Aug!
Honestly, I totally underestimated what Kids World could offer. Trial classes, workshops, booth games, stage performances, fun games, food samples and great deals! I'm already missing it and looking forward to the next one!
There are stuffs for both Emmalyn and Avalyn. First thing that caught Emma was bouncing castles! J Kids Amusement was there and she had so much fun playing the castles and rides. She also tried Diggersite and love it so much. She even went up to the stage for games. There are so much samples from vendors like Vitagen and Loacker for Emma to try. Besides all the play activities, there are also many trial classes. Basic Shaolin Martial Arts, Aikido and Kindermusik Trial classes at cost as low as $5 per session. Avalyn had fun with the Kindermusik and snacked so much on Kiddylicious healthy snack. Motherswork and Mothercare were there too! There are also booths for health related products like PNkids, Hao Yi Kang, Brunch Monster, Suu balm and Elgydium.
It's my great pleasure to be able to collaborate with Kids World this year and share highlights about the fair! They are really sweet to include a feature of our family along with 6 other lovely Mummy influencers in their magazine!

Friday, August 31, 2018

King Koil Annual Warehouse Sale 2018

Good deals must share!

Bedding, pillows, bolsters, mattresses and sofas and more!  King Koil annual warehouse sale is where you need to shop at for them!

This year, King Koil is offering lots of good deals! Happening at 13 Sungei Kadut Way, Singapore 728792, the sale will take place from 31 Aug to 3 Sept, 9am - 9pm! And a fun fact, King Koil annual warehouse sale always take place over the Teachers' Day weekends, super convenient for parents like us as it's school holiday for most.

Let me do a quick walk through and share with you my loots!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Enjoying playtime with Dyson Pure Cool™ purifying fan

15 months on, I still look at the girls and thank God for them all the time!

Days with them are never dull - some good some bad. There are lots of hugs and kisses, laughters and cries. Emmalyn's still overly passionate and quite rough towards Avalyn but Avalyn's very tough. She would climb over her jie jie to get what she wants and snatch toys. At times, she would cry the whole house down. I tried not to step in too much to give them the chance to learn how to interact with each other.


Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Buffet Catering by On and On Diners

Oh boy! I thought On & On Diners Pte Ltd was new in the catering scene but I was so wrong. With 9 years of service experience, I’m impressed that they still uphold their standard.