Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Kuno Method: 10 thinking strategies for preschoolers

Life is a puzzle. They said it's always the small pieces that makes the big picture. I think it's more than finding and having the small pieces. What matters most is to be able to piece and match the pieces into a big picture.

That's why I value what @kunomethod has been guiding Emma in. In a fun and interactive approach, they aim to help children build a strong foundation for primary school, acquire logical and lateral thinking with a structured curriculum and in-house challenges & puzzles.

However, I think these basics are not just for her jump to Primary School education but for her golden growing up days as well!

Few months back, I attended a talk about 10 thinking strategies for preschoolers by Mr Kuno and thought they are useful to share. 

Try teaching the children the following 10 ways of thinking to work their brain and developing their thinking skill!

10 thinking strategies for preschoolers

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Eyelash Extension by Allure Beauty

I want to look good, who doesn’t? As a working mum to 2, life has been very exciting and hectic. I constantly find myself running short of time. 10 mins is all I usually have to do my make up in the morning. But honestly, I’m actually too time-tight, lazy and tired to put in my 101% in dressing up.

Over time, I realized looking good just takes a little more time, effort, right “tools” and investment. So, I turned to semi permanent make up like eyebrow embroidery and eyeliner embroidery to look good and save time!

Friday, January 25, 2019

Drumming with Aureus Academy! Emma's 6th month update

"Let it go!", Emma replied without a second thought when Teacher Putera asked her what's her favourite song. After 7 weeks of 30 mins class (3.5 hrs in another word), she finally drummed a complete piece. It wasn't perfect but it was good enough for us. My heart swelled with joy and pride when Hubby shown me Emma's first complete drum pieces! I wasn't there as Hubby is usually the one to accompany her.

Emma's first 11 weeks with Mr Putera was spent going through the basics with "We will rock you", "One call away" and "7 years". Then, another 10 weeks or so on "Let it go!" and now just started another new song - "Fight Song". 

After 6 months of drum classes at Aureus Academy, we see progress! . It takes alot of coordination to drum and I'm glad she could even follow. Emma is now able to get the beats alot better. She seems to be able to read the notes a little but she sometimes look to Teacher Putera for confirmation. Generally, she knows which part of the drum to hit at Teacher Putera's counts. However, she still needs to work on the notes reading and do the counting herself. She's kind of memorising the beats now. Unlike piano or vocal, there isn't any book for drum. Thus, it's useful to get a really good teacher for drum class.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Preparing Emma for Primary 1 Part 1: English Enrichment with Morris Allen

2019 marks the last year of Emma's pre school journey. In another 11+ months, Emma will be entering Primary school. Honestly, I'm more worried about the logistics and early wake time than whether she would cope well with the learning. We did and will do our part to prepare her, but it's up to her ability to take on the primary school education - with our love, support and guidance of course!

To start preparing young or not? 
There are so many school of thoughts.

I was a late boomer at Primary 5 so I think I should just let her work her way at her own pace. I was always among the lowest grades for the first 4 years until primary 5 where I top in class suddenly! I eventually completed my degree with a scholarship.

On the other hand, I do think that I might do better in school if I have a better foundation and greater exposure. I'm not complaining as I'm thankful for my life journey. I believe everything happens for a reason. We are what we are, in a good way, because of our childhood.

Both of my parents have hearing disabilities, they can't read and speak well. My brother and I didn't get much guidance in our school work. My parents had expectations on us. Everyone in the family asked us to study well so that we could take care our parents. My mum did what they can to help us but we were generally independent and self driven when we are older. I didn't know how my mum did it but she marked our assessment books even though she can't read. We did get lots of time with my mum and tv time as she was a stay home mum.

We enjoyed our childhood but both my brother and I often wondered what would life be if we were to do something more when we were younger. It could be worst. It could be better. But as I believe, everything happens for a reason.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Chinese New Year Goodies by www.cnydelivery.com

Arrowhead chips (chiku), pineapple tarts, hae bee hiam sambal prawn rolls and bak kwa are my favourite chinese new year goodies! What are yours?

Monday, December 31, 2018

Goodbye 2018! Hello 2019!

Following a year of changes in 2017, 2018 seems busy but slightly more grounded.

I stopped breastfeeding in May and I finally got back some extra 3 hours! I surely don't miss 4 times of 30 mins pump + 15 mins of preparation and washing. It makes lots of difference. I had yet another new boss in July but thankfully; things settled down pretty well and fast. Work was busy and challenging with more responsibilities and learning. I'm thankful for supportive colleagues to make my work day brighter!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Marriott Vacation Club Mai Khao - Phuket

How nostalgic it was to be back to the resort we stayed at for our babymoon with the 2 girls! We first visited Marriott Vacation Mai Khao - Phuket when I was just 2 months pregnant with Emmalyn. We had the whole spacious 2 bedroom apartment to just the 2 of us. It was a great retreat for both of us before we jumped into the parenthood!

Now with 2 little ones in tow, holidays are total different experiences - greater joy and countless surprises with much more tiredness and body aches. That’s why pampering and restful stays on holidays are always welcomed!