Friday, May 17, 2019

Happy 2nd Birthday, Avalyn!

Dear Avalyn

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Over the last 12 months, you've grown so much! You started wobbling when you turned 1 year old and now you are such a confident walker! You gave us heart attack when you climbed up the high platform bed steps on fours at 13 months old. Now, you climb up and slide down the indoor playground gym like a big girl! Yes, you went down very high slide at Waka Waka Indoor Playground all by yourself when you are just 21 months. Recently, you like to walk up and down the steps by yourself while holding to the handrails. You also started running and we love how hard you swing your arms even though you aren't really running very quickly. You shake, turn around, spin and jump (bounce). Though you are very active, you are mostly happy to stay in the carrier when we have long walk. Phew! It is hard to carry you in my arms for long.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Emma's journey at Fun with Abacus

Mama: Emma, how's your abacus class?
Emma: Good! 
Mama: Good! Next time, you can count properly. 
Emma: No, count fast!

It was just her first lesson and she somehow understood why she's learning abacus. When we were there at trial class, Teacher joy shown her how fast the children at Fun with Abacus could do their calculations. They were even much faster than one could press the calculator. She was impressed. How did they do it? They used mental calculations. After mastering abacus, the children actually move on to learn mental calculations. How cool!

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Emma's ballet journey!

Emma had her first ballet examination last week! 

She was exceptionally excited to dress up in her ballet outfit because she had to tie a neat bun. I watched a YouTube video and it seemed easy. Ended up, it took me 3 tries to tie it nicely before doing a quick practice (& mini photoshoot of course) at home huh! She looked so different without her fringe down and has little ballerina aura!

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Enjoy Beauty and Wellness services with EZ-Link TRUST programme!

Over the years as a mother, I learnt that looking good while juggling motherhood and work isn't easy but they are totally necessary! As one who used to go for hair treatment and facial monthly before the little ones come along, I find it a luxury to even visit the beauty salons once every few months. It takes some scheduling to even have a session. I do have a few packages at different salons but I seriously don't know how many more sessions I'm left with. I wish I can find some time to utilise them before anything happen to the salons!

Weeks back, I learnt about EZ-Link TRUST programme at the launch with a group of beautiful mummies; and it might be a great help to many customers like me. TRUST Programme helps to give a great peace of mind by offering protection and assurance to customers in Spa and Wellness industry . Under this programme, a refund of unutilised amount from the packages could be made from Ez-link if the shop suddenly closed down. Best of all, package balance, validity and transaction can be accessed on the go! In fact, I'm just reminded that I've 3 beauty packages that I haven't finish! I don't remember how many more sessions I've left. One just messaged me to tell me to visit, otherwise, they would need to freeze my account. Ahh!

How EZ-Link TRUST programme works?

Consumers of participating TRUST merchants just need to download the TRUST Customer mobile app to track their packages and transactions, contact their merchants and edit their contact details on the go. They also no longer have to present a card for package redemption.
TRUST was initiated by CASE; and supported and endorsed by CaseTrust and the Spa and Wellness Association of Singapore (SWAS). Compared to insurance schemes, TRUST merchants do not require upfront premium payment, lengthy sign-up time, underwriting of financial statements, bankers guarantee, cash collaterals, manual administration and annual renewal.

With the TRUST programme, we consumers can sign up beauty packages with confidence and convenience. Currently, there are close to 50 TRUST participating merchants like Bella Marie France. Now, looking forward to have more merchants on this programme!

The TRUST Customer App is available for download for Android devices with immediate effect and iOS devices in mid-April 2019. For more information, visit the TRUST Programme website. To keep in touch with the latest updates about EZ-Link, please visit or follow EZ-Link’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

Monday, April 1, 2019

New milestones for Mama Ashlyn

Off for my first solo oversea trip! 

If not because of the privilege to attend the Lego Idea Conference in Billund, Denmark, I probably won't have a chance or think of traveling alone. While I'm so anxious about this first solo trip, I know it's a good milestone for me in so many aspects. I always talk about milestones for the girls so just bear with me focusing on mine this time! 

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Losing post pregnancy tummy with Mary Chia

I was 44kg, 3kg below my pre pregnancy weight, when I stop breastfeeding Emma at 15th month. I was too weak and had to stop.

When I stopped breastfeeding Avalyn at 12th month, I was 49kg - 2kg above my desired weight! Breastfeeding had surely helped to lose my weight but I was eating alot more when I was breastfeeding the 2nd time. I blame it on stress. Also, I was too busy to bother about my weight then.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Kuno Method: 10 thinking strategies for preschoolers

Life is a puzzle. They said it's always the small pieces that makes the big picture. I think it's more than finding and having the small pieces. What matters most is to be able to piece and match the pieces into a big picture.

That's why I value what @kunomethod has been guiding Emma in. In a fun and interactive approach, they aim to help children build a strong foundation for primary school, acquire logical and lateral thinking with a structured curriculum and in-house challenges & puzzles.

However, I think these basics are not just for her jump to Primary School education but for her golden growing up days as well!

Few months back, I attended a talk about 10 thinking strategies for preschoolers by Mr Kuno and thought they are useful to share. 

Try teaching the children the following 10 ways of thinking to work their brain and developing their thinking skill!

10 thinking strategies for preschoolers