Monday, February 8, 2010

My heartfelt thanks...

It's indeed a very wonderful & memorable 6 Feb !
I'm very very grateful to all the people who have helped us and graced our special event:

Mummy & Daddy: For helping out in every way that they can. Know that they can't bear me to leave, but I promise to go back home at least one a week :)
Chun Fu: For designing the wedding card and mascot as well as helping out on the wedding day
Mother & Father-In-Law: They have been very supportive and helping us in many ways
Rev Wang: For the pre-marital counseling and officiating our wedding
Philippians & TGC members: Our wedding wouldn't be running so smoothly without their great effort
CHAOS: For all their thoughtful preparation in my HENS PARTY & GATECRASH and their unexpected present
Yi Mao, Jia Jun, Kenny & Zhen Yang: For facing the gatecrashing
Weiling: For being my pretty bridesmaid and helping me out
Chester Tan: For the lovely photostory
The MUAs, photographer, videographer, Fullerton Coordinator...
not forgetting all my relatives, friends & colleagues who have take time off to witness the beginning of our new journey. Thank you for all your wishes & gifts.

Thank You!!