Thursday, March 4, 2010

Honeymoon @ Mauritius: His Creations

It is so nice to break away from the hectic life !

I have to admit that there are many times when I am so busy, tired or lazy that I forget to observe and appreciate the things and people around.

Recently, there are so many happenings around me that allowed me to be deeply immersed in these wondrous creations. And I really give thanks for all these creations that God has made (& still making) so perfectly.

Sky, Sun Stars

Our 2nd day @ Mauritius and we were greeted by a nice rainbow... =D

Ready for parasailing!!

After putting on the life jacket and gear, we were asked to sit down while the staff attached the parachute onto the gear. Then, the speedboat came by and move off, bringing us up to the sky. Cool~ 
It really feel great to be up in the sky. Everything seems lighter and wow.

We brought up our waterproof camera and snapped some photos, but we have yet to develop them. lol.
I enjoyed the weather there, It was sunny yet cooling. =D and obviously we were all tanned and chao ta. lol.

While at night, countless stars blanketed the entire sky... so mesmerising... How I wish that we could see some stars back in singapore.


We really enjoyed the scenary there. Many mountains, volcanos & waterfalls. God just creates wonderfully..
Heart shaped lake in the crater <3
Dear trying to sit next to the volcano.
The praying lady on the mountains. You could see that there is actually some sort of a palm at the top left.
This is most amazing. The seven colours of the Earth. Due to the volcanic explosion and some chemical reactions. The soils actually changed their colours. I could see blue, green, orange, yellow, red in various shades. How about you?

I enjoyed most when we were out at the sea, it gives me a carefree feeling when I see no limits... Just us with the boundless sky & sea.. =D

Were out at the sea on the 2nd day for parasailing, deep sea water (3m down) and submarine trip..

Getting ready for the deep sea walking. The sea at we were at is around 3m deep. We had a helmet look-a-like that allows us to breathe normally in the sea and were fastened with weights so that we will be able sink and touch the sea bed. It is fun to walk on the sea bed with the fishes.. =P

This is the most expensive activity of the trip, but it is a must to try out the submarine. =D
We took a ferry out to the ocean where the 2 submarine were. 1 of the submarine looks like above and the one that we took were smaller but with 'full length glass'. We could see much bigger view as for those in the bigger submarine could only see through the round glass.

Out of the many species, I love the german fish (which has a german flag on its body) and the grumpy fish that always look so grumpy.

We also saw a retired ship that sank into the sea.

On the last day, we went on an exciting boat trip and had our BBQ lunch on a pirate ship. lol.

My first time seeing a real waterfall.. =D and see it so near.

Failed attempt to snorkel in the middle of the sea. I shall try it again next time.

We went on to an island -  Ile aux Cerf aka Isle of Stags. This is the most beautiful island off Mauritius.
The shore there is rather interesting. The boat stopped in the middle of the sea and we could actually just jump off the boat and touched the sea (at ankle height).

It is actually due to the distinct drop of water level between the swimming area (in front of the boat) and non-swimming area (where the boat stopped).

When it is low tide, where we were swimming is actually the 'beach'.
I love this island. The water is much clearer than the main land, we could swim with the fishes. lol. The sand there is softer too.


We then ended off our honeymoon with the Body World exhibition back at Singapore on the following day after our return. =D

Have been studying biology for years and this time we could actually see what's in our body.
Out of so many creations, I marvel at our body most. I often wonder how our brain could actually store so much data, how our long intestines could actually be nicely packed in, how our small fist-sized heart is able to sustain life. How all the muscles, joints, bones, nerves, organs and blood vessels just formed and connect so perfectly as one? How could all this parts be squeezed into my small body?

The only reason is that we are thoughtfully planned and created; gently crafted and formed.
I give thanks for my body even though I hope for a few more cm and lose a few inches. lol. I am thankfully for I have found the one that has given life, the one who created everything. Thank you, Lord, for being the wonderful creator. Amen. 
I also give thanks for the enjoyable and sweet honeymoon =D 2 more days to our 1st month into marriage and I am glad that things have been well so far. I just commit all the many changes and challenges to you, please guide me and empower me.
In Jesus Name. Amen.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this on Travel Tuesday. Love the colourful earth! And the last island with the fancy name. Totally my kind of getaway. Look at that pristine beach and sea! Woohoo...