Saturday, July 9, 2011

Home-In-Progress #8

Ceiling fan and aircons have been nicely installed today!

Here's our black rega fan with a red and clear hanging 'crystals'.. It happens to match our red wall at the back. lol. Glad that it's not any other green or yellow colour.

Mitsubishi aircons for the masterbed room and study room.

Unfortunately, we are unable to test the ceiling fan and aircons as there isn't any electrical point yet. All are loose wires with one & only working point. The power points would only be up next week. So, I'm praying hard that all of them have been properly installed and be working fine. Otherwise, I would need to get the guys to come down again.

The electricians came up on Wed to do up the wiring before the painting work. They will be back again next week to install the lightings and wall fans.

New coats of paints were up on Fri :) Our door frame in suede shade, masterbed room in mosaic grey and cherry for dining area.

It's the 25th day and all have been well. I pray that the following week would be good too.
Next up are installation of lights/fans, fixing of doors and grills, floor cleaning, carpentry, final touch-ups and all will be done!

I'm praying that the renovation will complete in another week or two, before my school term starts in last week of Jul.

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