Saturday, July 6, 2013

Thomashlyn Jr #7 - 1/3 of 3rd Trimester

I’m one third through my third trimester and am 8 weeks away!

Gyane said that it is normal to deliver a week earlier, and that means it could be just 7 weeks away. I don’t hope that she comes out anytime earlier even though she will be full term in 5 weeks time (37 weeks). We just aren’t feeling ready. Have been thinking about birth plan lately and it is so abstract. Being the first delivery, everything seems so unpredictable. We all heard of past experiences and I thought of the worse pain but just can’t imagine how it would be. Till now, I just know that I want a healthy baby. Want a natural birth instead of a c-sec. Want a quick and smooth delivery. Praying hard everyday for God’s protection and that baby will cooperate. Still unsure about getting epidural, hoping to get away without one but I guess I’m still keeping my options open.

I started off the third trimester being more tired and feeling warmer than the second. I am also feeling queasy at some part of the day, I am guessing it is slight morning sickness as I read that morning sickness return in third trimester. I’m still visiting toilets frequently and at least once for the nights. It’s indeed part of the training to wake up in the middle of the night to prep for the real thing.

I have gained around 11kg and am stressing my legs/knees more. In addition, hands and legs also start to puff up slightly. Still fitting in my current pumps, but getting a little tight there. Unfortunately, few lines of stretch marks have invaded my bumps. I’m trying to apply more cream to avoid having more of these nasty marks. Else, I just have to graciously embrace them. Other than being uncomfortable physically, I would say that I am feeling great.

We also had a simple photoshoot with a photographer friend, Mike. Here's one of the photo that I have taken the liberty to edit. hehe.

Had our seventh appointment and she has grown from 0.9kg at Week 27 to 1.6kg at Week 30. Gynae estimated her to be 3kg at birth. With her growing at her peak, I could feel her movement more strongly. I can feel her kicking up my ribs. I had also felt some slight contractions that are all part of the body getting ready for delivery.

We signed up for baby insurance - Prufirst gift. Cleared most of the to-buy lists like cot mattress, bed pad, milk bags and nursing stuffs and are left with just a couple more to go. We also had our first aircon servicing after 2 years. We hardly on the aircon and thus neglected the servicing. However, guess it’s time to prep up the house. I have also started the washing and kept the washed loads in ziplocks.

3 more weeks away from my planned dateline (Week 35) to complete the to-dos – washing all the loads, clearing of the to-buy lists like car seat, belly binder and confinement stuff, packing of delivery bag, confirming baby names, getting in the bed for the confinement lady and prepping the house. I can't wait to complete all and welcome our new arrival after 39 weeks!

On another note, semester results were out and am thankful that my CGPA is maintaining and still within my requirement ;) Just another 1 more semester to go next year!


  1. Stay safe and enjoy your last few weeks of pregnancy! My boy,Shayne, came into the world at 39 weeks. Maybe yours will be around the same time as mine too! ;D

  2. Boo.. Missed your msg again.. Lol

    Bb emma cant wait to come out.. 37 weeks and 4 days!