Saturday, August 3, 2013

Thomashlyn Jr #9 - 2/3 of 3rd Trimester

36 weeks along.. and another 4 more weeks to go! My pelvic/hip joints are aching, I guessed the uterus is expanding and getting ready for the little one to be out. Bump is getting tighter these days and I am feeling super pregnant & breathless.

36 weeks bump

Seen Dr Han on week 32+ and baby was weighing 1.8kg. He said that baby is on the smaller side and has requested for me to go for fetal weight and amniotic fluid scan in 2 weeks time. I was slightly worried that she is not growing well. Hence, I prayed hard, increased my intake and drank lots of milk (fresh milk). By week 34+, she has grown 0.6kg while I gained 1.5kg. Dr Han said that 2.4kg is a good weight and asked me to eat normally now. We are thankful that she grew fast, there is sufficient amniotic fluid and her head is still down. He also checked for dilation (no dilation yet) and did a Strep Btest. I can’t wait for the next appt on next Mon to see our baby again.

We are almost done with our to-dos and finalised Thomashlyn jr's name! During these weeks, we also bought confinement herbs, 

... washed her clothes,

...packed delivery bag (a couple more items to throw in), moved bed for our confinement lady from my parents’ place and gotten a pram as baby gift. Meanwhile, we are just left with a few more items to buy and getting the nursery/study room in place.

It's getting really exciting and I still can't believe that we are going to be parents soon!!

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