Monday, July 28, 2014

Fun to bee ONE!!!

Emma just had a really awesome first birthday bash with many baby friends, daddies and mummies from Shm Jul/Aug 2013 group! We sang the loudest and happiest birthday song. Imagine the happiness and blessings x 50 times! 

Look at the lovely cake and banner, it's indeed "Fun to bee 1"! The babies (toddlers to be) are also dressed up in personalised bee-ly cute tees.

It's a very well planned birthday bash and I am very thankful for all the effort that our committee has put in. They even managed to gather more than 10 sponsors for the event and washed our babies' tees. Heinz, zappy wipes, motherhood magazine and firefly photography to name a few! How impressive and resourceful! They have really did a great job!!

We had our party at the civil service club and the hall is big enough to accommodate all of us :) It is cheerfully decorated with helium balloons and our babies get to grab/play with them.

There were lots of activities going on! Lunch catered from Neo Garden, photobooth, ball pit, "see-saw" and lucky draws! We were given a big bag of goodies too!

We had a fun time celebrating all the little ones' first birthday and it was nice meeting the mummies (daddies) and babies! My heart is filled with great joy and blessings! It's amazing to watch so many mummies and babies growing up together. We learnt, supported and witnessed each other's milestones, sickness, happiness and worries!
Many thanks to the fabulous committee members and Shm Jul/Aug 2013 mummies/daddies/babies for making this such a memorable first birthday for our little ones!

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