Thursday, December 11, 2014

Emma's toddlerhood #3

Emma is growing up so fast and acting so grown up in many ways. She still surprises us non-stop with simple things like burst of laughters, following our instructions, putting her hands together when we pray, saying amen after I said in Jesus' name we pray and many more. She throws temper when she is frustrated or can't get what she want. I pray that she would grow up with a strong faith, pleasant personality and good character.

Statistics: She weighs 8.6kg at 15 months. She is certainly growing taller and losing her baby fats with all the walking.

Health: She has been great with an occurrence of overnight fever and mild cough. I am guessing the fever was related to her teeth as 2 molar teeth are out. She got bitten at school again as she snatched toys from her friend. But the teeth mark gone off quickly.

Diet: She is still taking 4 formula milk feed (200ml x 3 and 130ml x 1), breaskfast, lunch, tea/snack and dinner. She loves egg, bread, apple and biscuits (which baby doesn't).

Sleep: She is going down to sleep faster, usually around 9pm, and with less struggle. I think she is used to sleeping without her thumb now (but we still got to put on mitten for her at night).  She would usually wave daddy good night, say night night and give friend's kiss before bed. While on the bed, she would roll around, sit on the pillow, lie on me, kiss me (& my belly button) before she lie still and slowly drift to sleep with some patting. She has also been sleeping through the night more regularly.

Social/Outing: We had been shopping around for our trip and Emma is most happy when she is free-ed to walk around.

We also had a family photoshoot with my parents and brother.

We spent a good 6 days at Gold coast! It has been a great trip (other than some cries on planes and fussing over long meals ;p) During which, we also celebrated Hubby's birthday.


She loves birds, books and peekaboo. She would ask us to read to her by grabbing a book and handing over to us with both hands.

It's getting hard to track her growth but I am trying not to miss out too much.

Turn herself around.
Get down the sofa safely.
Point to the area when we asked where pain pain.
Sit down on the floor and lift up her feet when it's time to wear shoes.
Stand and wait in the lift patiently
Sit on our legs, head and body when we lie down.
Carry plastic/paper bags and walk around
Stamp her feet
Snatch toys
Great pincer grip (she started practising since 9th mth)
Could drink from straw
Go up steps with support
Swing her body to the music

She has unlocked more than 30 words.

Apple, Row, Book, Ball, Milk, No more, More, Night night, Pat, Boat, Bird, Bear, Map, Baby, Up, Down, Amen, Papa, Mam, Nana (for banana), Dog, Wou wou, Duck, Bye Bye, five, Yay, No no, walk, buzz, shhh, pong pong, Ba ba (sheep), 抱抱, 站, 坐, 拿,

She also learns more actions: 

baba black sheep song, row row row song, wait, shhh (finger on her lip), hug, Pat, Kiss, No no, No more, Bird flying, Bye bye, hi five, wash hand, hello, Nod, Pray, friend's kiss, peekaboo, up, Down

Mummy’s update: I have finally ended my long bumpy weaning journey! Glad to stop pumping just before our holiday! I have also left TTSH for a new job that is much nearer to my home. All ending is the start of a new beginning and I am happy that things are going on well so far! 

I have finally done a steam rebonding after I stopped breastfeeding. My hair texture has changed and was no longer straight and fuss free after birth. Thanks to hormones changes. 

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