Monday, January 19, 2015

A - Z Learning Boards Project

It's amazing how fast a toddler can learn. Emma is picking up words and recognising images faster than I expect. She said her first word - pa pa at 10 months and gradually picked up many words over the months. I'm thankful for her growth. I think putting her in the infant care centre does expose her to many "conversation", observations, songs and stories and that's probably where she pick up most of the words.

We do teach, read books, sing songs, talk, and practise words a lot with her. However, I can't deny that there is limitation due to the amount of time we spent with her. Thus, I think developing her personality like curiosity, creativity, interest in learning & reading and perseverance could bring her further than just pure teaching.

I'm happy that she loves to read books and doesn't mind to be left alone to flip the books. We leave a basket of books on the floor since she was young so that it is easy for us and her reach for them and put them back.

To further strengthen her interest in learning, I started this A - Z learning boards project last week of 2014 and plans to do it weekly or at least biweekly. It's an inspiration by a fellow mummy. Thanks Angela!

I find the learning boards a good and easy way to guide teaching. I used them to teach letters and words. I also introduce songs and videos according to the words and do some art crafts with/for Emma. As much as I could, I would show her the real stuffs. I will get her to point that the images, say out the words/sounds, do actions, interact with the boards (eg. Take carrots and feed the cow, hi-5 to Dora) and paste stickers to identify the words. I will also try to use the words of the week more often to cast some impression in her little brain. 

It is easy and doesn't take long to do the board. Stroll down to the end for more details on how I do the boards! I will update this post and my instagram (@ashlynthia) with new boards regularly. Stay tune! :D

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It's easy as ABC:

Materials: Laptop, Printer, Paper, Scissor, Double sided tape, Board and Clear wrapping film

1. Search the images and print them out (I copied them into powerpoint to add the wordings) 

2. Cut and paste the images using double sided tape

3. Use a clear wrapping film (those for books wrapping) to cover the board. I recycle the board and clear wrap. Just take off the tape on 3 sides of the board to update the images. 

You can also laminate the prints and paste on a wall but it doesn't work for us as Emma is super good at peeling stuffs. She even peels her dried skin!

Happy crafting!!!


  1. That's a great idea. You are right about toddler learning faster than we expect. I randomly told my 2 year old 'G for Georgia' (her baby sister's name) some time ago, and just yesterday she pointed to a letter G and said ' G, Georgia!'.

    1. Really amazing right! They are growing so fast! :D