Sunday, February 22, 2015

Highlights of CNY 2015

It has been a joyous Chinese New Year! 

We had a great time meeting all our families and friends! Here's some highlights:

The Reunion

A family welfie to kick off the CNY celebration!

Dinner with my parents at Gu Ma Jia! Decided to give it a try after reading it up on Singapore Mom Blogs. It's a homely and celebrities studded restaurant at Thai Thong Crescent. Good food and great service!

Lunch with CHAOS family (with our 2 little darlings) at Xu Wen & Dawn's lovely new home ! Missing Mark.

Emma finally get to play with Baby L. He's certainly growing up to be a charmer!

Dinner with in-laws at Putien. Cousins photo! 
We also had reunion dinner with in-laws on CNY eve!

CNY Day 1

Off to visiting in the afternoon! 
We had Mac for breakfast and took a stroll around West Coast Park.

1st stop to in-laws place!

2nd stop to visit Father-in-law's family. 
Emma was laughing hard after learning wii boxing and stick fight. She loves to hear us scream Ouch~! Our lil Sadist!

Happily camped in the tent filled with balls! Mummy is contemplating to get one for her.

3rd stop to Father-in-law's sister's place. 
Greedy Emma attempted to collect as much coins as she could! She took one and dropped another one but she didn't gave up and kept trying. So funny!

Nice photo taken by nephew. He even managed to make Emma smiled.

Showing some love to Cousin Xander for taking such nice photo of her.
Emma loves to pat the back when hugging. 

Another cousin photo! 
It's always so difficult to get all 3 of them looking straight the camera. 

On our way to my parents' place - the 4th and last stop!

Apparently Mummy is too tired and forget to take photos with Grandma and family! 
Cousin J waited for 2 long hours and finally get to play with Emma. 

CNY Day 2

First OOTD with Mummy!

Daddy joined in the fun too!

1st stop to my Mum's Sister's place.

Emma had great fun with Cousin M who is 5 months older than her. They played a lot in the playroom.

Followed by visit to Mother-in-law's family, Rev Wee's and Aunt's place. Emma enjoyed her play with her cousins and friends. She demo-ed her sticker pasting in front of all uncles and aunties when we were at Rev Wee. 

She also drummed with Cousin J, Daddy did caught it on the video. I was too engrossed in watching and forget about taking any photos.

CNY Day 3

We spent another morning at West Coast Park before visiting in-law's place. We managed to take some nice photos for the Melijoe's post.

CNY Day 4

Ending the long break with a visit to my parents' place after Church. I wanted to take an OOTD by myself but Emma came and stole the limelight. What an innocent look here. 


 Back to work on CNY Day 5 and I am thankful for a good CNY break!

... but I am already missing all the hugs, kisses and laughters! 
I'm sure I'm not the only one.

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