Wednesday, April 1, 2015 - For the little Cinderalla (& Prince) Wannabe


So exciting!

I can't wait to check out what's in there!

Oh my!!!! It's the shoes that I've been eyeing for the longest time! It's so gorgeous!!

Quick, let's see if they look good on me...

Oh... It's so lovely!! And now the other leg!

Hold on please... I'm still learning how to wear shoes by myself .

But wait, why am I wearing it by myself?

Where's my prince charming?!!


Thank you for the Mini Melissa Minnie Mouse shoes. They are so beautiful! How I wish they have the exact one without the straps and in adult size. 

Our little vainpot loves it madly and can't get her hands off them. By that I meant, she cried really hard when we took it away from her and even refused to let us wear it for her. I believed she loves the cute Minnie print and glittery ribbons on the shoes. It's would be her third white pairs and the white fits all her outfits very well. 

I recommend to get these pretty Mini Melissa shoes from as it's cheaper than the local stores. Besides, this particular Minnie Mouse edition is not available in Singapore. Other than Mini Melissa, there are also many other brands like Little Marc Jacobs, Armani Junior and Toms for both both boys and girls.

Check out them out and get USD15 off your purchase when you sign up for their newsletter!

Happy shopping!!

* This is a sponsored post but all thoughts and opinion are of my own. 

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