Saturday, March 7, 2015

#Momazing - Healthy Kid, Happier Mum


We could never remember what our mothers’ did for us when we were babies. But as they say: “A daughter becomes a daughter only when she is a mother.”

Now as a mother myself, I finally understand how amazing it is when our kids surprise us with the milestones they achieve. Whether it is early or late, it is a “natural” report card to assure what we are doing is right!

I'm really thankful that Emmalyn is growing up so well! Look at how much she has grown over the past 18 months!

I will never forget the moment when she took her first independent step 2 days before her first birthday celebration. We even had a surprise walk-in for the guests!

I cheered on every single milestone that she has unlocked and I’m also constantly reminded of her growth and development by her smaller and tighter clothes. I’m sure there is a song which resonates in many of our minds!

My heart fills with great joy, thanksgiving and awe each time Emmalyn achieves her milestone (Or in Daddy’s words’ “Level Up!”).  

This amazing feeling, Scott's calls it #momazing!

Being a mum also requires ensuring that our kids are healthy and happy. Daddy reminded me one day that we should give Emmalyn some supplements. I asked what kind of supplement and he said his mum gave him Cod Liver Oil when he was young. 

I went to read up more and later found out that the Scott's Cod Liver Oil indeed has great benefits and is suitable for children above 1 year old! Each spoonful is filled with all goodness - cod liver oil, omega 3 fatty acid (DHA & EPA), vitamins A & D and calcium. All these support healthy growth and immunity! So, Scott's is here to help create more #momazing moments! 

After reading, I went right to Guardian during lunch time and bought 2 bottles.  

I was worried that Emmalyn won't take the taste well. She did resist at first thinking that is medicine. However, I eventually managed to convince that it was not and she took the first small teaspoon. And to my surprise, she said "more!".  

We started Emmalyn on Scott's Cod Liver Oil about 2 months back and she is taking it really well. She loves it a little too much that she sometimes cried for more. Silly girl. Thus, it's really of surprise and good timing that we get this opportunity to share about this good stuff after Emma has tried it.

I managed to catch their new commercial on the TV, have you? It's really touching, isn't it?

Read up more information about Scott's cod liver oil (here) and follow their facebook (here) and instagram (@scottssingapore)! 

*It's a sponsored post but all the thoughts and opinion are of my own. 

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