Saturday, October 3, 2015

5 Simple Painting Ideas for Toddlers!

Painting with Emma has been on my to-do for the longest time and I'm so happy that we finally did it! It wasn't the first time she did painting and she had already brought home many artpieces from school. However, it's definitely my first time seeing her so excited and engaged throughout the entire art craft session. She enjoyed it so much that we played for 45 mins last night and 1.5 hours this morning.

I expected it to be a really messy affair but it turned out to be really manageable. To avoid staining the walls in the living room, I set up a mini workplace for her in the kitchen. It's definitely easier to clean the cabinets than the wall. I also put on an IKEA apron ($7.90 for 2 pieces) for Emma.

I used the watercolour box ($12.90) from IKEA and different materials to make it more fun. The watercolour palette comes with a tray, 2 paint brushes and 2 cups! Those squeeze paint tubes would work well too but I believe the colours will be more solid and gives a different feel! However, the tube paints might be slightly more messy.

1. Pom Pom Balls Stamping

I started off with the "pom pom ball stick".

The pom pom was clipped to the peg and Emma just needed to hold on the peg. You can use cotton balls if you don't have pom pom balls.

I love how she carefully dipped the pom pom balls stick into the watercolours.

She was so fascinated by the colours!

As she stamped it down, she kept saying "circle"!

2. Finger Painting

I got more confident in handling the watercolours (and Emma) and let her paint with her fingers.

She loves it so much!

It's so intuitive that I didn't even have to teach her to stamp her finger on the paper.

She slowly explored the various strokes.

I wiped off the pink colour and let her dabbed the blue!

I guided her to finger paint a butterfly and we even did a distorted caterpillar. There are many other cute prints we can do with these simple finger prints. I shall try more of these the next round!

3. Toilet Paper Roll Stamping

It's fun to play with different materials and toilet paper roll came to my mind.

Just needed to dab the toilet paper roll into the colour and stamp it on the paper!

The colour was quite light but it turns out pretty nice!

4. Painting with Brushes

She couldn't resist the brushes and asked for it.

Drawing with a paintbrush is certainly more fun than colour pencils or pens as the colours spread out much faster. She claimed to have drawn elephant and ice cream. Haha.

5. Fruits/Veg Stamping

It's my favourite childhood art craft activity - I remembered using apples, celery and potato to stamp beautiful prints.

I cut out a potato cube for her to try out. The colourwater was too light so she couldn't just dab and stamp.

Thus, I taught her how to stain the potato using the brush. She then helped herself with the painting.

Look at our little artist in making!

It was hard to wrap up as she didn't want to stop. I had to ask her to help me to wash the stuff before she agreed to stop. We left it to dry and then laminated the nicest of the batch!

How does her artpiece look?

We love it so much and I'm glad that she'd enjoyed herself.

Here's what you need if you like to do some painting with your little ones too:

1. Watercolour paint or squeeze tube paint
2. Cups with some water
3. Paint brushes
4. Apron
5. Table and chair
6. White paper (Get thick paper or drawing block paper)
7. Tissues and wetwipes
8. Laminating machine and pouches (optional)

With the haze still lurking around, I hope these painting ideas will keep your little ones happy and occupied like Emma! Do check back again as I have few more ways to toy with watercolours


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