Thursday, January 21, 2016

Emma: 2 years + 5 months old

"Emmalyn, is papa more funny or mama more funny", I asked. 

And guess what she replied with? "Emmalyn's more funny". 

Looks like she has quite a good sense of humor! Daddy taught her Olaf and when she said Olaf, he laughed out loud. She got it quickly and we started pointing at each other and olafing (olaf-laughing) for a good few minutes.

She never fails to catch us in surprise with her talks and acts! I love talking to her as her responses can be so sweet and funny at times. Her command of language is growing strong, she uses "then", "because", "again", "also", "only", "what's it?", "what're you doing", "what happen?" and asked lots of whys. 

She doesn't just talk, she knows how to negotiate as well. She also learnt to say Mon to Sun and sing out Do Re Mi. She learnt new songs - I got peace like a river, jingle bell, into my heart and fisher of men. She even performed for us at a Christmas event in school. Oh well, the kids basically blanked out and just stood there, some of them, Emma included, just jumped around and did some actions. Haha.

She loves cooking and often put up a feast for us. Zoomoov animal rides are her other love, she had learnt how to operate them. She then took up another challenge and drove a lambo electronic car at her cousin's place. 

She picks her clothes and it sometimes get a little frustrating as she didn't get to change out of her clothes. She knows how to wear her bottoms without any help and her top with some help through her head. Recently, she will hunt for her "wallet" when we need to go out to buy food. In fact, she is quite well trained in buying bread at our neighbourhood bakery shop. 

Daddy has successfully taught her how to carry her own bag. These days, she would happily rush to pick up and carry her big school bag when she see us at the school door. It's such a lovely sight. 

We started to let her try on the escalator recently. She would held tight to one of our hands and stride big steps when we asked her to. She loves them and is getting the hang of it.

We hardly have late nights but on my grand finals, she stayed up to cheer for me. I love how my family, friend and Emma stood down the stage and cheer me on. I know I'm deeply blessed. She knocked off by the time I came down.

I think she's getting my gene, she started to have hard problem waking up in the morning and protest like how I would. At times, she would go back to her bedroom after I carried her out to the living room. There were few times, she even attempted to climb into the cot. 

Hubby and I went on a last movie date before the year ends and we watched Stars Wars VII. On the last day of 2015, we also took some time off for a hearty breakfast and prayed for the new year while Emma was in school. I'm glad we managed to get some couple dates last year!

It was Christmas and we attended our first christmas service with my parents! Praise the lord, both my parents were baptised on 20 Dec. We also had a christmas BBQ with church pals and went for a Zoomoov party at Westgate, Emma got some presents and we kept them till the christmas day for her to unbox all! It was such a joy for her. To those who have gifted, thank you!

At the start of the year, we also attended a wedding of my cousin. Emma get to meet my big maternal family. There were many cousins of her age and they had great fun playing with each  other. 

The weather had not been great and she had slight runny nose and bites some weeks ago. Starting this year, Emma began to use potty daily. She's doing great and we're working hard on potty training her. 

We had a small but serious scare - she got a really small toy stuck in her nose! She was gently digging her nose when we were in school for christmas celebration that afternoon and I thought it was just some snot that she couldn't get out. 

Thankfully, she made some fuss and cried out a bit before she sleep. As I asked her to blow her nose, I was so freaked out to see a small piece of toy on the tissue. I checked her nose thoroughly and it was cleared. We informed the teacher the next morning and she updated that they found more of the small toys in school in the evening. They had a gift exchange in school and suspected that the small toys were one of the gifts brought in. I'm glad that the teachers managed to locate and clear the small toys in time before they lead to more damages. Most importantly, I'm thankful that Emma is safe and managed to get it out eventually.

Wow, things are moving a bit too fast! We are coming to the end of Jan and Chinese New Year is just around the corner. I need to get myself down to do a deeper reflection and more serious resolution for the year soon!


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