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Sendhelper: Your one stop for daily chores

My idea of housework is to sweep the floor with a glance. - Erma Bombeck

How I wish!

I haven't been much of a housework frantic for the very fact that I'm always taking up another role after work when we have our own home - student, pregnant mama-to-be, mama and blogger. I do basic cleaning regularly but our house is more often neat than sparkling clean. Eversince Emma comes along, I find it hard to skip some precious fun time with Emma for housework. So, I only clear the chores after she goes to bed at 9pm.

However, my mindset towards spending time with Emma vs housework changed abit lately - I began doing more housework with her around. She is getting more independent, able to entertain herself and get around the house safely. She voiced out her needs/wants rather clearly. Most importantly, I don't want to raise a pampered girl, I want her to see and learn that the mess doesn't clear by itself and we need to do something about it. These days, she is very happy to help me with some wiping and cooking (she would cook using her playset while I do the real stuff). 

It's quite manageable to do the basic chores like cooking, washing clothes and cleaning the floors/toilets. However, I'm quite hopeless in some major chores like cleaning windows, cabinets, fans and, sometimes, toilets. Weekends are always filled with activities like visiting the grandparents and church service, and outings on some days. Thus, I hardly want to spend long hours on the additional chores.

So when I come across sendhelper, I thought it's surely time for me to enlist some help to clear those chores before Chinese New Year. Last sat, I booked 3 hours of cleaning service and got the helper to clean all my windows, walls and kitchen cabinets. Today, I will be getting in another helper in to clean my kitchen hob, hood, fans and vacuum over 2 hours. Oh yay! to cleaner house!

I plan to get in the helper probably once or twice a month, depending on our weekends schedule to lighten my load. Extra hands are always helpful, or maybe not if it's Emma's, haha! With the time saved, I could spend more time with Emma.

Sendhelper - One stop for Daily Chores

Ok, enough of my housework chronicle. 

Let me share more about Sendhelper! Sendhelper is a one stop centre for consumers like us to engage helpers for our daily chores - cleaning, cooking & laundry, simply by a few touches on the phone. 

1. Flexible & Convenient Way

It's probably the most simple & convenient way to engage part time helpers. You just need to download the app on itunes or google play, request the service you want and sit-back, relax and tap your way!

I wasn't too sure of our weekends schedule until Friday and only booked the service 23 hours in advance. It took me less than 20 secs to make a booking and less than 5 mins to book a helper. There is no need for helpless calls to multiple cleaners to check on their availability.

According to your needs and budget, you can choose ad-hoc or recurring service. I love it's flexibility!

The payment is made through the app and credit card will be charged after the service.

2. Reliable Helpers

I can't say for every helper but I'm happy with mine. She did all the tasks that I asked her to. Everyone has different expectations. However, Sendhelper promises reliable helpers. Their helpers are verified Singaporean/PR who know how to make your house spick and span. They also have a helper rating feature to ensure high quality service. Sendhelper has also insurance coverage for any damages.

3. Reasonable Rates

Unlike some agency, there is no registration fee. I came across one that ask $200 - $300 registration fee. There is also no commitment as to how many times you can change a helper. On Sendhelper, you can always send another helper or just add the helper as your preferred choice.

While it's $3 to $5 higher than freelance cleaners, it's still reasonable. Besides, it's actually not easy to get a good contact for freelance cleaners, most are fully booked. I checked through many agency and some even charge $25 per hour.

Here's Sendhelper rate:

Cleaning: S$18 per hour for recurring orders, S$20 for ad hoc orders
Cooking: $18 per hour for recurring orders, S$20 for ad hoc orders
Laundry: See price list in app

Saving tips: Make recurring orders if you plan to engage service regularly. There is credit that you can buy to have some savings. $190 (instead of $200) for 10 hours or $370 (instead of $400) for 20 hours.

I love Sendhelper as booking a cleaning service and getting a helping hand has never been so easy! It's best for me who doesn't need regular part time cleaning so ad-hoc cleaning suits our lifestyle perfectly! Give Sendhelper a try (download the app now!) if you are looking for some help. Hope it will buy you more time to do your favourite things!



Contact: +65 9387 5891 or email
Download app on itunes or google play!


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