Friday, July 1, 2016

3 ways to encourage young children to read


Reading is a way for me to expand my mind, open my eyes and fill up my heart - Oprah

Like many working parents, the time spent with our little ones is as precious as it can be. Emma turns in at 9pm so the night time on weekdays is pretty short. All in all, we have 2.5 hours for cooking, dinner, bath, play, learning, milk and getting ready for bed.

As much as I could, I would love to spend the entire night time bonding with her. Every night is different with a mix of individual & accompanied play. When I wasn't exhausted from a long day at work, I would engage Emma in random activities like art crafts and role play.

However, there are some desperate nights when my brain was on the verge of shutting off and I had no extra energy to spare. We do without TV on weekday nights so I usually ended with reading books for some bonding time. She enjoys stories and with so many benefits to reading, why not?

Nothing can promise a love for reading and learning but there are some simple ways to encourage our children to read and develop their interest over time!

1. Start Young and Read Daily

Reading has been a daily affair since Emma was a baby and we had re-read countless books! Besides reading with us, she also reads lots at her school. So, it becomes natural for her to pick up a book anytime. She doesn't know how to read yet but she is pretty good at completing the sentences. Having start young and reading daily certainly helps to cultivate a habit of reading. Besides, it also stimulate her little brain and exercise her little fingers. Remember, it's never to late to start.

2. Choice of Read

There isn't a recommended titles or number of books to clock before they turn 7 years old so just explore all types of book! I love receiving books for Emma as it's always some interesting titles that I didn't thought of getting her at that moment. It would be useful to provide age-appropriate books for your children and score some award winning books. We read picture books when Emma was younger and has moved on to story books with illustration. At times, we also read random prints like magazines and newsletters.

3. Make it fun and exciting

 We set up a mini library for Emma at the living hall so it's easy for her to pick up a book anytime. I decide what goes in there but she chooses the book she likes to read. It's always good to let the children choose what they are interested in. That's half battle won!

To make the story telling captivating, read it with variation in tones and actions, or use props! Throw in fun activities, it can be anything from outing, sightseeing, playing with stickers, role-playing, colouring or doing silly things like feeding the toucan "fruits". 

Bringing stories to life stimulates and deepens understanding and learning.

Recently, I got to know Josh & Cherie books that offers monthly book subscription as wrapped gifts. Emma had fun unwrapping the books and can't wait to read them. It's really a creative idea to inspire love of reading through the gifts of books.

Hope these 3 simple ways will come in handy. Reading really shouldn't be boring and a chore for both parents and children. It is a perfect activity for bonding, entertainment, learning and opening up the children's horizon!

Josh & Cherie Books 

Josh & Cherie Books is a children's book subscription for ages 0 - 7 years old. For each book subscription, you will receive 2-3 individually wrapped books (pending on the age group) in a box at your doorstop on a monthly basis.
The idea of receiving a gift of books every month really excites me! I find it a great way to nurture an excitement for reading - to discover the magic of books at an early age and not be distracted by smart devices.
Besides, their books are carefully curated and sourced from around the world. And not forgetting, the combined retail value of books always exceeds the subscription price. So, I just need to sit back, relax and be ready to receive award winning, classics and well reviewed books. 
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Josh & Cherie is thrilled to share their love for books and a really lucky existing customer will get a 12 months free subscription extension (worth $382.80). 
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Happy Reading!!

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