Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Emma: 2 years + 11 months

We had a proud parent moment last month! 

Emma took up the challenge to be the flower girl for my cousin's (her aunt's) wedding. Prior to the wedding day, the flower girl and flower boy (her 4 yo cousin J) met up for practice a couple of times. On the actual day, both of them put up a good show and walked in a quite a good order in front of the the couple.

However, they were too engrossed to notice our cue to exit and walked up to the stage together with the couple. To our great relieve, they just stood at the other side away from the couple and waited patiently & still for the couple to finish their cake cutting. What a lovely sight!

Besides celebrating the marriage of my dearest cousin, we also celebrataed Fathers' Day and had an eye-opening dinner at Lokke (Plaza Singapura). Their flaming pineapple beef is worth a try! We then spent a weekend evening with CHAOS family at Timbre @ Gillman Barracks. The children have lots of fun playing at their outdoor play area. 

Emma loves to head out on weekends so we sometimes had trouble keeping her at home for the whole day. Things are better on weekdays night as we had a pretty settled night routine. By the way, she has adjusted to sleeping in her big girl's bed but there still some night when she cried. Most likely awoken by her dreams.

These days, she spent most of her time role-playing as a teacher to me and her soft toys. She talked like a big girl and even laughed at our jokes. Many times we wonder how she picks up words so fast and actually understands their meaning.

We also spent lots of time reading bookings. She has great improvement in her motor skills. She's drew quite a decent spider & shapes and sun and could paint and colour within shapes.

She enjoys chinese dishes, soups and fruits more than other type of cuisine. We should expose her to more different food. I realised she eats lot better with her cousins and friends. I guess she is used to having accompany and food also tasted better when shared. 

We are glad that she has made good progress to doing her big business. It's easier for her to use potty when she is off diaper. But when she has her diaper on, she would secretly do her business without telling us. 

I spent quite some time cracking my head to decorate our master bedroom, so happy that it turns out welcoming and cosy! 
My next task revolves around kitchen - place which I spent lots of time in but little effort in organizing. Hope it will turn out well.

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