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Emmalyn's 5th birthday - Timezone X Sugar Rush party

“Wreck it Ralph!” came right to Hubby’s mind when we were thinking of a theme for Emma’s 5th birthday party at Timezone. “Emma can be Vanellope”, he suggested. While it seems like a perfect theme for an arcade party as Wreck it Ralph movie was all about arcade characters. I frowned on the idea for a couple of days. I didn’t like the word “wreck”, I’m not a fan of turquoise colour on Vanellope and it is not so princessy like what Emma would love. I counter proposed  a few other themes like pac hman, incredible 2 but hubby rejected.

I asked a few friends, and received mixed responses like “oh, it’s nice!”, “it’s a nice show!” and “who’s that?”. Honestly, it’s a really nice Disney show, but I think some parents might skip it hearing the word wreck like me. Then again, Hubby and Emma had already watched the movie on Netflix a couple of times, and they love it!

As the party is coming closer (2+ weeks to be exact), I made a tough decision after thinking through hard and long. Fine, I told myself I would go ahead only if we can find a vanellope outfit for Emma. It was not an easy task, I couldn’t find any. I wanted to custom made the vanellope princess gown but it was too late for Gwen from Tullegown to do one. Instead, she was so helpful to send me photos of the casual vanellope outfits that she found on Tao bao! After which, I asked Janice to help me buy them! And so, thanks to Gwen and Janice, the theme was set. We had a vanellope and Wreck it Ralph in making!

Hubby was excited to see the clothes that they found for us. He was actually the more enthusiastic one but I ended up settling all the party logistics all by myself. Now, who is the smarter and more capable one? Hubby wins, he organized the party just by throwing ideas and then, ta-da, his dream party came to live. Nevertheless, I was glad to materialize his grand plan of a Timezone x sugar rush party and bring the celebration to full swing!

Timezone Vivocity

It was so much fun to host a party at Timezone - much more than I had imagined! The party started off the party host rallying kids for a bowling group games for the kids. Yes, you read it right. Timezone Vivocity has mini bowling alleys! It was a nice warming up game.

Following the bowling game, we went back to the party room for a simple group game. The prizes for the games was surprisingly nice! Elmo keychains and watch!

We quickly moved on to the birthday song, cake cutting, phototaking then dinner as we wanted to begin the real fun fast!

“Finish your dinner and you can get to play!”, that’s that greatest motivation. All the kids were very much obedient and it didn’t take too long behind all the kids clear the plates. Nice!!

Then, off they went after dinner! It was the first experience for many families to play arcade games with their little ones. Fun and so nostalgic!

And here’s 5 reasons why a TimeZone party rocks!

1.A fun-packed venue

It’s always Hubby’s top priority to bring fun to the girls’ party as we want the children one to enjoy themselves! Besides, keeping the little guests entertained is the best way to keep cranky children at bay. Magic shows, balloons sculptures, face painting, bouncing castles and games are always a hit with the little guests. But if you like to have something special, exciting and memorable; arcade games at timezone are surely one of them! Instead of bringing fun to them, bring them to the fun!

2.Family friendly games

Mini bowling alleys, well cushioned bumper cars, child-friendly games - timezone is surely very family friendly. It’s my first time seeing a mini bowling alley! The bumper cars were the highlight! Emma rode the bumper car like a real vanellope in the movie! Full of energy and fearless right from her first attempt!

Emma loves the water shooting games too!

There are games for everyone, even the grandparents played!

Do you know, not all the arcades are family friendly? Some of them target mainly teenagers/young adults and their games aren’t just for our little ones. It’s just great to have family friendly arcades that are less rowdiness, softer music (loud but not those crazy noisy kind) for the children to have fun!

3.Unique and fun family bonding time for all

Having a TimeZone birthday party isn’t just about celebrating birthday, it’s honestly a unique and fun family bonding time for everyone. My heart was so full watching families and little friends moving machines to machines, collecting tickets and having so much fun together. Loving how the children’s eyes sparkled with joy as they played!


4.Fuss free and comprehensive package

The party went really well and we didn’t have much to worry. Ok, maybe just one big worry - how to get the kids back to the party room to finish up the cake!

At $640 for 10 pax, TimeZone offers just what you need for the party!
• 1 birthday present for the birthday kid
• 3 hours in party room equipped with sound system, projector and pantry
• 3 hours of play
• 1 party host
• Online invitation cards
• Preloaded game cards for the children
• Goodies bag for the children

Each card allows unlimited yellow card reader games, 32 colored card reader games and 5 attractions (rainbow card reader games) within the party duration. Everyone just happily tapped their way and play!!

Just bring a cake, order food, and your party is ready to go! It’s surely as fuss free as it can be! They also provide add on activities and buffet! Packages for corporate events and special occasions are available too! Check out more on the website!

5. Convenient location

It’s always a bonus to have party at convenient location. Just a train away, Timezone Vivocity is easily accessible by train. For those who drive, there are ample carpark (though there might be some queues on weekends. Toilets are around the corner so don’t need to walk a long distance for one! By the way, Timezone Vivocity only moved out from level 3 and started operating from the new level 2 outlet early this year. So, the party room is nicely renovated, modern and well equipped! It also has a paranomic view looking out to Sentosa!

With the party room in the background!

Photo credit: Timezone
Before I end of this Part 1 of this party post, I like to thank Timezone for giving us so much fun! It’s our pleasure to have Emma’s classmates, close friends and family with us to celebrate her birthday with us! Thank you all for your presence and presents!!

More about our Timezone x Wreck it Ralph party stuff in next post!

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