Monday, September 3, 2018

Kids World 2018 - Asia's Largest Parenting Fair

I've been to baby fair, been to kids fair but it was my first time to visit a kids and baby fair!
Kids World 2018 brought both kids and baby brands together under one roof, and it's so convenient for me! I dropped by twice on 11 & 12 Aug and we didn't cover all. The only regret was I couldn't spend more time over there as it was Emma's birthday party on 11 Aug!
Honestly, I totally underestimated what Kids World could offer. Trial classes, workshops, booth games, stage performances, fun games, food samples and great deals! I'm already missing it and looking forward to the next one!
There are stuffs for both Emmalyn and Avalyn. First thing that caught Emma was bouncing castles! J Kids Amusement was there and she had so much fun playing the castles and rides. She also tried Diggersite and love it so much. She even went up to the stage for games. There are so much samples from vendors like Vitagen and Loacker for Emma to try. Besides all the play activities, there are also many trial classes. Basic Shaolin Martial Arts, Aikido and Kindermusik Trial classes at cost as low as $5 per session. Avalyn had fun with the Kindermusik and snacked so much on Kiddylicious healthy snack. Motherswork and Mothercare were there too! There are also booths for health related products like PNkids, Hao Yi Kang, Brunch Monster, Suu balm and Elgydium.
It's my great pleasure to be able to collaborate with Kids World this year and share highlights about the fair! They are really sweet to include a feature of our family along with 6 other lovely Mummy influencers in their magazine!

In the feature, I shared about preparing the girls for school, enrichment classes and recipes.
1. Preparing your child for their first day of school must’ve been tough, how did you help them and yourself prepare for it?
Preparing the first day of infant care for my first born, Emma was a challenge, she was nursed and refused to take milk from milk bottles. It took her about 2 weeks to get used drinking the milk bottles. Thankfully, we started the transition early before she started infant care. She adapted very quickly to the teachers at infant care and was enjoying herself.
It wasn't any easier for Avalyn (read here), but we are all good now!
2. Enrichment classes for your kids, yes or no? If yes, which classes do you have them going for and why?
Yes, they are at this age where they learn and absorb things faster than we can imagine. It is a good time to build up their foundation. However, it’s important for them to enjoy the enrichment classes so that it doesn’t kill off their interest to learn. Emma has been attending Kuno Method that has an unique fun experiential learning curriculum from Japan, and she is enjoying it. 
3. Are there any yummy recipes for your kids’ food that you’d like to share with us?
I love making soups as they are nutritious and tasty. Most importantly, they are easy to prepare. Bring a pot of water to boil, throw in all the chop ingredients – carrots, corn, onion, potato and bring it to boil again. Blanch the meat (pork/chicken) with boiling water before adding them to the pot. Boil for another 45 mins and the ABC soup is done! Read more here and here!
Thank you Kids World for this feature, these topics are really close to my heart. While I love to share my experiences, I'm really still learning how to mother Emmalyn and Avalyn to my every best! I love to read and learn from other parents, checking out new activities and stuff for the children; and experimenting what things work. It's great to have parenting fair like Kids World to bring the parents (and kids) so much fun and information on this parenting journey!
How I wish there is an electronic copy of the magazine! I really enjoyed reading about what the other mummies got to say about various topics like discipline, upbringing and fun places! Check us out if you come across to this magazine!
Till the Kids World!

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