Thursday, April 18, 2019

Emma's ballet journey!

Emma had her first ballet examination last week! 

She was exceptionally excited to dress up in her ballet outfit because she had to tie a neat bun. I watched a YouTube video and it seemed easy. Ended up, it took me 3 tries to tie it nicely before doing a quick practice (& mini photoshoot of course) at home huh! She looked so different without her fringe down and has little ballerina aura!

We had to reach an hour earlier to register, touch up her hair, stretch and practice. She was slightly nervous but she still happily go with the flow. 

After the examination, I can totally see the excitement and joy in her as she ran happily towards me after the examination. When I hugged and asked her how did it go, she said "very good!" even though she had a fall after finishing her dance. Love her positivity! For the record, she claimed that she love exams! Haha, let's see what she thinks few years down the road!

Her teacher commented that the children were a little tense at the first but soon warmed up with lots of smile. I can imagine how excited she was to finish the dance and land herself with a fall. Thankfully, this is ungraded so all the children will get a certificate from the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) in Aug! It's a great experience afterall!

When Emma first started ballet some 66 weeks ago, we didn't know how long she would do it. We saw her potential and interest in ballet so we sign her up for ballet classes in early 2018. So far, she has never once said no to the classes. Her passion seems to be going strong! Also, Hubby should also gain some credits for ferrying and waiting for her to finish majority of the classes!

Having ballet classes at community centre means no frills. Her teacher has back to back classes and don't even know what's her progress was until a recent showcase in March. I think it might only be an annual showcase. Once a while, she would show us what she had learnt, but she mostly don't. So, would be great if there should be some regular updates if we could.

For her RAD examination, there were individual and group dances. It was quite a challenge to practise the 3 short dance with her not because she don't know the steps. Instead, she knew it so well that something she missed a few bits or do them too quickly. As for the group dance, there are alot of galloping, skipping and formation. I'm proud that she could follow them pretty well. I think the teacher has taught them well!

Overall, it has been a fun and fruitful 66 weeks of learning ballet for Emma; and I'm thankful she's still loving it so much! Can't wait to watch her perform on a real stage someday! 

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