Thursday, January 5, 2023

Ezra's clubfeet and his first walk with God

Baby Ezra was spotted with clubfeet (both feet) when he was in my tummy via ultrasound when I was about 4 months pregnant. While it could be positional or structural clubfeet conditions, there were concerns whether it was due to underlying genetic diseases since it was spotted considerably early in the pregnancy. Genetic counseller suggested to do genetic testing for baby. The overall cost of testing is expensive $7K and it doesn't test for all the genetic diseases.

It was worrying but God is good. I happened to bring Avalyn (her first time to meet her baby brother then) to the scan. After composing myself, I recalled that Avalyn had positional clubfeet too but we only found out when she was born and she grows up well. It had been 5 years so I kind of forgotten about her condition. Deep down, I know Avalyn was meant to accompany me to comfort and assure us that everything will be fine.

We thought hard, prayed over and decided not to do any testing. We decided to leave it to God. Baby was healthy overall so even if the genetic test came back positive, we would keep him.

Baby Ezra was growing really well in my tummy but there was still worries over underlying genetic diseases throughout my pregnancy. Thank God, Ezra was delivered safely! There wasn't any underlying issues though he was born with clubfeet as expected.

His feet were bent inwards. The orthopedic doctor came and assessed on him and said his clubfeet condition was quite bad and it might be structural. She called us down to the clinic for a feet casting and my heart broke. It isn't any normal feet cast, the treatment requires multiple castings & braces and takes 3 to 6 years.

I cried hard but I prayed harder for miracle to happen. At the clinic, a senior orthopaedic doctor assessed on him again. And thank God! He said Ezra's clubfeet is positional - though rather "serious" one. Thus, he won't need any casting. Yay! Praise the Lord!

We had to massage his feet multiple times daily to correct the position. It might affect his walking if it didn't improve. By God's grace, his feet were finally much better after a few months of massage.

Hence, seeing him stand strong on his feet with support tonight meant so much to me. I thank God for his protection. I pray that Ezra will continue to grow strong & healthy and be able to walk & run well.

Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Deuteronomy 31:6 NIV

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