Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Honeymoon @ Mauritius: So Blue !

Developed our Mauritius photos taken by the waterproof camera last Tues & finally got it scanned & ready for posting.

Taken when we were up in the sky doing parasailing! Kind of hard to control, but thank goodness still can see both of our faces.

Caught some glimpse of how Mauritius looks like from above. =) Enjoyed the feeling of being up in the blue sky.. It's so mind lifting !

Besides going up the sky, we also went down the blue sea... =P Us in the helmet-look-alike, walking with the fishes.
Attacked by the fishes !
They were actually attracted by the bread. Lol. Just some harmless hungry fishes !

Have updated some photos in the Mauritius Day 2 Album

I miss the lovely blue sky & sea

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