Saturday, June 8, 2013

Thomashlyn Jr #6 - 2nd Trimester

I have just ended my 2nd trimester ;) so it’s another 13 weeks to go!

Like many said, it is the honeymoon period of the entire pregnancy as my energy level gets higher than 1st trimester and 3rd trimester. True enough, at late 2nd trimester, I was already starting to feel some slight dip in energy level. Nevertheless, I am very thankful for these 14 weeks and I am enjoying my pregnancy thus far. In the meantime, I am just going treasure all the couple-time we have before the little one comes along.

Week 14-18

We had our third monthly appointment at mid-week 14. Dr asked me to continue with multivitamins and calcium. He did the usual ultrasound scan and baby is getting on well. I started to feel some light movements at mid week 18. These movements are getting stronger day by day. I could now see my bump move slightly when I am lying down. It’s amazing!

As for myself, I went for regular facial and had a trim & treatment as my hair was getting so thick and heavy. This is also the period where I shopped a little more for some preggy clothes. I am also thankful to have friends passing on their pregnancy clothes. I usually look for looser dresses or stretchable tops with my trustworthy maternity pants/shorts.

@ Mid week 26, in my all time favourite dress from Love Bonito 

As for preparation, we met at our confinement lady and placed deposit for her service. She is in her early 50s and has been a confinement lady for 16 years. I pray that she will be able to take good care of baby and I during our first month. I have also booked post-natal body massage through friend’s recommendation. Hopefully it can aid me in getting back my pre-pregnancy body. We also started to consider the child-care options after I return work end of Dec. It would be best if we could find a good nanny, otherwise I think we will need to send baby to infant care. Things are still not firmed up and we are praying hard for a good guidance and decision making.

Like in my earlier post, I started to read some pregnancy and motherhood books. So far, I have completed about 5. There seems to be plenty to grasp and reading could at least help give me a glimpse of what’s ahead. I’m equally excited and nervous as I get nearer to the real challenges.

Week 19- 22

Another month past by and we had our fourth gynae appointment and a 20th week growth scan. Our baby girl is still doing great! Still in the midst of thinking names, it's getting so tough for her chinese name.

@ 20 weeks 3 days

Geared up on preparation a little, we gotten a pre-loved white cot, electric breast pump and some baby clothes bought by my mum. I finally completed my last 2nd school semester just before my birthday and can be free from studies for a while before continuing next year. 

Week 23-27

Had fifth, sixth gyane appointment and a 28 week scan. Hehe. Had her measurements and all are within the normal range. She is currently 0.9kg. Moving forward to 3rd trimester, we will be seeing the gynae more often for the 3rd trimester (3 weeks later followed by every 2 weeks).

At week 24, my poor knee began to sore and had a couple of cramps. Had already scared hubby off the bed twice due to my leg cramps. I guessed it’s all due to the baby weight. Thankfully, it kind of recovers after 1 week plus after some advice from my ortho colleague. Am still moving around well, but starting to feel difficult to sit on the floor or squat.

As a first time mummy, I am getting a little anxious over every little details needed and can't wait to get things all settled soon. So, we began visiting baby expo and baby shops. We bought some furniture and started to set up the nursery-cum-study 2 weeks ago. We have so far gotten a diaper bag, more hand-me-down baby clothes, baby bath tub, breastfeeding pillow, few new rompers, burp towels, swaddle, cot fitted sheet, nursing pillow, steriliser, diapers, wipes, baby washing powder, nail cutter, napkins and rash cream.

We have also signed up with cordlife for a 21-year plan to bank in her cord blood. Still keeping her in the hands of God, but as parents, I feel that banking cord blood is the least we could do.

Buys from Expo :)

There is still quite a list to go, hopefully, I would be able to clear most by week 36 (another 8 weeks) so that I can let my mind off for the last month before delivery and in case baby decided to come out earlier when she is ready.

There are still lots of questions and uncertainties in my mind. However, I believe we will never to ready enough for her, and we should continue to seek and trust God in our new journey. :D Press on!


  1. Hey babe long time no see! Enjoy your pregnancy, esp the sleep because you'll be so sleep-deprived soon! Haha. Take care ♥

  2. Sorry, only noticed your note after so long!

    Yea, been a long time. Happy to see that you are doing so great! Your boy is really cute and handsome :)
    Been trying to rest more but seems never enough. Haha, can't imagine days after...