Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Emmalyn turned 4 weeks old !

Emmalyn turns 4 weeks old today! 


We had her first month celebration last Sat :) We are very thankful to have so many family and friends to join us. They have also gracefully showered us with lots of wishes and gifts.

Emmalyn has grew from 2.74kg to around 3.6kg (last weighed a couple days back). Her past 4 weeks revolve around eat, play, sleep, bath, poo and pee. She made a couple of visits to the polyclinic for her near-jaundice level but has been discharged. All well now. These days we are have been getting lots of cute expressions from her. Things are slowly getting in place, but, there is a saying, "they change just when you think you get it". So, We are just praying for power, perseverance and peace to brave through all.

And, I am finally ending confinement (more on confinement again). Anyway, I can't wait to get back on feet and be normal. I missed having normal shower/hairwash, wearing comfortable clothes, drinking plain water, being under the fan and moving about. However, this also means that I am on my own with all the other household chores that my confinement lady has been helping me.

Time to face the true reality! Jia you!

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