Sunday, August 25, 2013

Emmalyn's birth story

Just the day before my delivery date, my colleagues were still guessing on the dates that Baby Emma will arrive. But our guesses were all so far away. She just can't wait to meet us :)

On the early morning on 13 Aug, I jumped off my bed immediately when I felt a light flow of water in between my thighs. I stood next to the bed, woke up Hubby and told him that my water bag had burst. I was quite loss for a moment but remembered that it will still take some time before the real thing. Since I don't feel much pain and contraction, I took my time to settle everything before admission.

1. 5 plus, I stepped into the shower for a great bath! Put on sanitary pad since water was flowing slowly.

2. Called up KKH for advice. Told to admit at delivery suite and I still have a couple of hrs.

3. Brushed my teeth

4. Threw in the final items into hospital bag. Double check on the list.

5. Informed my boss and colleagues. Handover some work to my covering via email. 

6. Hubby bathed, changed, fed Shiro, packed the hospital bag, cleared camera memory card, charged camera for a little. 

7. We finally left home about 7. It was raining and traffic was quite bad. Thankfully, contractions have not kicked in yet. 

We reached KKH at 7 plus and went straight to the delivery suite. At that moment, I felt like passing motion. Nurse just told me that I can't go toilet until Dr see me. 

At the delivery suite, 

1. Changed into the delivery gown

2. Laid on the bed and was strapped up with the belt to monitor. Checked my blood pressure

3. Checked on for dilation and I was already 4cm dilated. No toilet for me. Advised that it takes an hr for 1cm. Thus, another 6 hrs from 7 plus.

4. Plugged to some fluid. It was painful to have the needle injected back of the hand. Drew blood for cord blood banking.

5. Hubby went to settle admission matters and then had his breakfast. Passed the cord blood collection kit.

6. Contractions start to kick in harder. Started to feel the pain. Drank bits of water. Felt rather hot.

7. Advised on the available pain relieve. 

8. Gynae advised to start on oxytocin to speed up contraction. There was a rather irritating midwife insisting that I would need epidural as the pain would be unbearable. We rejected and never see her again. We suspected that she has commission for each take up. Haha

9. Contractions for every 2 mins and then lesser.  Focused on breathing to manage the pain and relaxed my body when I can. Throughout, I just felt like passing motion. lol. Held on super tight to hubby's hand till his hand turned numbed. Hubby played some music and I requested my all time favourite: "God will make a way". 

10. After around 4hrs of contractions, was checked and informed that I have fully dilated.

11. Nurse asked me not to push yet while she get Dr Han in and set up for delivery. Hubby asked if want to video the process, but I just don't think I would dare to view the process.

12. Afterwhich, she taught me how to push and we had a few rounds of practice. I had to let go of Hubby's hand and hold on to the bottom part of my thighs. Asked me to push when contractions kick in.

13. Dr Han came in and things started to speed up. He grabbed my leg and placed my feet on his tummy while the other nurse helped to hold my other feet and I started pushed. Just when I get tired, Dr Han told me that baby's head was out and after a couple more pushes, she was out around 12.

14. Moments later she let off loud cries. Hubby didn't get to cut her umbilical cord, i guess it is because she had her cord coiled 3 rounds her legs. Thankfully, it was not around her neck. Dr Han carried her and shown her to us.

15. He started to 'deliver' the placenta. Gave me anesthesia jabs at my thighs and sew up my episiotomy cut. I glanced at the long 'thread' and almost wanted to faint. 

16. After some time, I felt cold and body started to tremble voluntarily. It was normal. 

17. Baby was took to a nearby warmer to be cleaned up and checked on. Hubby went to take some photo.

18. Afterwhich, she was placed on my body and I tried to breastfeed her. Even though milk had not came in yet, it was important for her to suckle and this would stimulate the production of milk. Then, Hubby get to carry her for a while. 

At around 3 plus, I was pushed to the ward. Had my first meal. Rested a while as the exhaustion started to sink in. Hubby informed baby arrival to some. He went for lunch. 

Was told that I had to pass urine but I didn't manage to empty my bladder even when I had the feel.  Hence, a catheter inserted to release all my urine, it was so much comfortable after that.  

Relatives and friends came in the evening and some the next day afternoon.

Spent the night alone and I managed to sleep and breastfeed Emma. The first night as mummy was great, my heart was (and is still) filled with great thanksgivings and joy. Hubby had to go back home as he needs to attend to Shiro. 

Was then discharged on the next day at 5pm as I manage to clear my bladder on my own and baby is fine. 

We marvel at the work of God and are thankful for his blessings and guidance over the pregnancy and delivery process. As we didn't expect it so early, we didn't get to discuss our birth plan with Dr Han. However, everything just turned out to be what we wanted minus the episiotomy. Till today, I am still amazed at how God let me conceive and have such a lovely baby to grow in me. 

It was such a wonderful experience and we couldn't ask for more. I am ever thankful for a supportive hubby who has been always standing by my side and walking with me. We are also thankful for all families and friends for their well wishes and gifts. :) 

As we embark on our new parenting journey, we pray for extra strength, wisdom and faith to walk through all. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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