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#FrisoExperience - Experience More Together III !

 Come, join us in the Friso Experiences campaign! 
Over at Friso Experiences and Friso Website, you can get more information, ideas and experiences that we, parents, can do together with our children. There are also great gifts and prizes to be redeemed and won!


To encourage more precious moment with our little one, Friso is generous to indulge us with an awesome play set (Thank you, Friso!). It got to be the best present for our then sick and recovering girl! Emma was so thrilled as it has been a while since she played at the playground. Now, she could play without us worrying too much about the haze!

Our poor Emma was sick for 1.5 weeks and has just recovered. She started off with cough before runny nose and fever attacked. Thus, we kept her at home for 9 days, including 5 days of weekends and public holiday. These 9 days were quite unbearable for her as she can't get out of the house.

She now gets to play with her friends in the school. However, we are still staying in for most days to avoid the haze. So, this indoor play set has come in really timely and fun for Emma!

She loves it so much and kept saying "this one is hui hui's, ok?". She now climbs up and down the slide like a champ!

Her joy was written all over her face!

And not forgetting, climbing up and down the slide helps to build up her physical strength, independence and confidence.

I like the structure of the slide as it has broad seat at the top of the slide for her to get in position. I have seen some that are so narrow and quite dangerous.

In addition, the angle of the slide is also made to perfection. It is steep enough for a thrilling slide but doesn't sent her too hard on her bump and always bring on a big smile.

After some countless times of sliding, she got creative and invited her friends and Daddy to join in the fun.

She laughed off as she watched them slide down.

Too much of the slides, it was finally time to cool and wind down.

Emma brought her friends to the tepee tent for a massive camping!

Her uncle brought her a set of hello kitty when she was just a few months old and we collected a few more along the way. As she gets older, she loves to play with them and it got so troublesome to keep them back to the boxes.

Thus, I came out with an idea and cut out the side with a full image of the design. With that, we got the matching cards for the hello kitty soft toys!

After teaching her how to match the cards with the hello kitty a couple of times and she kept asking to play this game! She could spend a good 20 mins in a row to complete the match. It has been few months and she still loves it!

She misplaced one card recently so I replaced it with a polaroid of her holding that kitty! You could also snap a photo of a bunch of soft toy and print them out for this matching game. 

It turns out to be a great game that trains her patience, problem solving skill, thinking skill and determination. From this game, she also learnt names, colours and words. I suspect she somehow develops a little of OCD-ness from this game as she likes to arrange them in straight rows. 

I usually combine this matching game with another simple game using plastic cups, cupcake cups, pom pom balls and spoon. I got the pom pom balls from Diaso and they are awesome materials to play with - good for sorting (colours), counting (numbers), scooping (motor skills), imaginative play, and art crafts too! However, please stay around when they are playing with these balls and don't leave them lying around when your little ones aren't playing. We put it at a place when she can't reach them and stopped/scolded her when she attempted to put them into her mouth. 

Can you guess what she was doing?

Each one cup! She was scooping the pom pom balls and feeding them. Haha.

With the tent, she found her own little personal space and security. She could stay inside for 10-15 mins each time. She would pray, sing songs and talk to them in the tent. It gave her a different experience even though she was playing with the same old games. Aside from this hello kitty games, she would also drink milk and read books inside. We are amazed by how big ideas this small tent can bring!

She is totally enjoying this play set! As for us, we had great fun watching how she play and play along with us (and the hello kitties)!

Friso Experiences Play Set for Free!

You and your child(ren) can have more fun by bringing the outdoors into your homes too!

From 1 September 2015 to 31 October 2015, parents who spent $350 on any Friso participating products at participating retailers will receive the Friso Experiences Play Set worth $300. It consists of a tent, a slide with a basketball hoop, 2 cushions, a storage box and a green carpet. What a great deal!

The participating Friso products included in this promotion are Frisomum, Friso Gold Cereal and Friso Gold 2, 3, 4. It excludes all infant formula for 0-6 months.

Friso Experiences Play Zones

There will also be a special Friso Experience Play Zones at the following outlets. Parents are invited to take picture with their little ones at the play zones. Friso ambassadors will be on-site to snap photos during the weekends.

Friso Experiences Play Zones:

Fairprice Xtra Jem Mall - 1 to 30 Sept
Fairprice Xtra AMK Hub - 1 to 30 Sept
Fairprice Xtra Sport Hub - 1 to 30 Sept
Fairprice Xtra Jurong - 1 to 30 Sept
Fairprice Nex Mall - 7 to 30 Sept
Fairprice East Point - 14 to 30 Sept
Guardian Plus Taka - 17 to 30 Sept
Guardian Compass Point (B1) - 21 to 27 Sept
Cold Storage Compass Point (Atrium Space Level 1) - 27 Sept - 4 Oct
Guardian (B3-4) - 28 Sept to 4 Oct
Sheng Siong Woodlands 6A - 1 to 31 Oct
Sheng Siong Bedok 209 - 1 to 31 Oct

Vouchers and Prizes up for grab!

* Exclusive to Fairprice stores: you can redeem a $10 vouchers when you spend $100 on Friso participating products.

Just tag or upload your photo from the Friso Experiences Play Zones and win $5 or $10 Friso vouchers instantly.

Weekly prizes: The 20 most creative entries will win a Friso limited edition luggage, storage box or $20 voucher.

Grand Prizes: Each month, 15 grand prize winners will be selected from the top 30 most voted entries. The top 3 will win Go Pro Cameras while the rest will receive Skoot Ride on Suitcases. So be sure to share your photos and ask your family and friends to vote for you! Votes will be reset at the end of the month.

Check out for more info and experience more together!


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